Beyond My Finite Mind

“Do you want to join body rafting?” a friend asked me. Hearing it, I got so interested. Hence I asked him to explain what was it about and he just told me that it was a heart-racing adventure. The word ‘ADVENTURE’ really captured my attention. I accepted his challenge.

Early in the morning, at 7 am, we assembled in front of the hotel. There were twelve of us who would join ‘body rafting’. As everyone had gathered, we left the hotel, heading to the place. I could picture myself smiling all the way long–I certainly couldn’t wait to challenge myself . Honestly, I had no idea at all about this nature activity, but my adventurous vigor spoke louder that time. We first went to the equipment area, wherein, we had to equip ourselves with life jacket, knee-pad protector, swimming boots, and helmet. INTERESTING! I kept saying to myself. “This going to be so much insane!” I could see all my friends felt the same way as I was. After we were done with all the equipment, we headed towards ‘GUHA BAU’ -(the name of the place for body rafting) with four guides. We had to leave the cars and rode a mini truck towards that place because it was a rocky, treacherous journey.
 Before the torture begun
The mini truck stopped at a peak of a mountain, and the chief guide explained to us that we had to track down the mountain in order to reach the river. What? By wearing this equipment? Hello . . .this is not for mountain tracking! Well, We couldn’t argue except to follow the instructions. The equipment that we wore doesn’t actually fit at all for tracking down a mountain. Our swimming boots are so slippery and sort of delicate. Despite the struggle we had to encounter. we still managed to jabber, making fun of ourselves.

Deadly vehicle 😀

Eventually, we arrived at the river. No wonder the name is GUHA BAU–it is because there’s a big cave that has disgusting, striking smell. Guha means Cave and Bau means Smelly. Everyone, including me, couldn’t stand the smell. I used my shirt to avoid the smell penetrating to my nose. Once again the chief guide assembled us for our final instructions before starting the adventurous journey. I wasn’t listening clearly to his instruction; my mind was busy of foreseeing of what would happen down there. The only instructions I was able to record was “Whenever there’s a high current, you have to float with your legs forward and your face up. If you bump into a rock, try to hold the rocks with your feet. Never touch or hold the rocks with your hands.” Recording those instructions into my memory, my adventurous spirit was becoming to shrink. I turned out to be a COWARD. Yes, I started trembling even though I hadn’t even tried it.

Tracking down the mountain

the smelly cave

One by one was instructed to dive into the river. I mustered my courage to follow my friends who had dived first. We had to swim toward the right edge of the river, waiting for the next instruction, and there was no strong current yet. Swim, swim, and swim, letting our body to float. It was truly enjoyable until we reached our first strong current. OH MY GULAI! I asked the instructor, “How can we pass this strong current?” He answered, “Of course, with your body.” I didn’t realize it was the silliest question ever. Yes, Debby, this is why it’s called BODY RAFTING– use your body!
Everyone seemed so venturesome; they did pass the strong current with their victory shouts. While me? Shrinking to death!

Ready for the torture

We were in the river for about 3 to 4 hours, passing those strong, unstoppable currents. My butts, my legs, my elbows bumped into rocks for several times. I shouted in my heart, “God, will I end my life in this river?” Insane, silly scenarios happened in my mind, thinking of what would happen next. Anyway, we had to endure the pain because there was no way of drawing back. The only way to end this torture was to reach the finish ‘line’.

The evil Currents

In spite of the torture I had to go through, I was able to witness God’s profound creation: the glistening rocky side of the mountain in which the native called it ‘green canyon’, the incredible hanging rock leaves, the drizzling water that springs out from the rock, and many other wonderful creations that I captured with the camera of my eyes. I secured them in my memory. All I can say is God is truly PROFOUND.

Incredibly Profound

The wonder of World












Indeed, it was truly a victory as we all reached the final ‘line’. A small boat came to pick us up to take us back to the center. On the boat, everyone competed to share each of his/her experiences in wading those strong currents. Laughter, shouts, chuckles were mixed into one word called BLESSING. Yes, we are blessed to be able to reach the final journey. I wonder how will it be when we end our journey on earth? I guess, it is beyond my finite mind!

The end of torture

Notes: Guha Bau is located in Cijulang River, West Java


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