Reading: Special Delicacy

One evening when I was busy combing my dad’s shelves, I found a small book of Mark Finley. It was written Revive Us Again on the cover. Before opening the inside, suddenly dad appeared in the room and said, “Read that book! It’s worth reading it.” I paused for a moment. I randomly opened the pages and made a quick reading at some paragraphs. My eyes stopped on a paragraph which stated, “Jesus was never too busy to pray. His schedule was never too packed to spend time with His Father in communion. He never had so much to do that He rushed in and out of His Father’s presence.” After reading that paragraph, I said to my dad, “I think I’ll have this book.” Dad’s reply was just simple, “Get it! It’s yours” I beamed.

Inspirational Book

Reading is my special delicacy; I can’t live without eating this delicacy. I love having my serenity reading soul-motivating books. My dad has been my great contributor for giving me great books. He is not only giving me books but also  asking to translate books from Indonesian to English. One more thing, revisiting dad’s bookshelves is always beyond excitement! Many things I have learned from the books he gave.

In my inner heart, I thank all those authors who exert their efforts to write such life-inspiring books. I have a dream, someday and one day, to write a soul-motivating book with my beloved dad. :D God bless this dream. Amen!


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