When September arrived, people began using ‘apostrophic’ speech, “Hello, September!”, “Welcome, September!”, “September, finally you’re here,” or they even begged, “September, please be nice to me!” On the contrary, I strongly rejected September; I screamed out loud, “Please don’t arrive soon. . . please postpone your coming!” I was frantically frightened for I knew that my September nightmare would appear soon. I wasn’t ready to face this nightmare. What’s wrong with September? Why is it a nightmare? Well, I guess you might question me. Yes, the nightmare appeared right yesterday and today (I happened to have two birthday dates; long story to tell :D). When my birthday date arrived, it means I’ve reached the last date of the calendar; YES, I’m 31!! To accentuate more, I AM GETTING OLD! HEy, ‘california’ girls, happy now?? LOL

Birthday Surprise at dawn

They cracked my beauty dawn! Amazingly shocking.

However this nightmare turned out to be such a fascinating nightmare when my students shocked me at dawn, serenading birthday songs, sharing words of motivation, cheering me up just to make me feel young, and cracking me with such wonderful jokes.

Blessing is all around

I behave wild at my age. LOL

Circled by youngsters, I somehow sensed the essence of maturity, “Hey, I’m not old; I’m a real lady now!” embracing the fact that humans grow old not grow young. Every individual won’t able to deviate from this stage. Our age can’t never be young; however, it’s only the heart that can remain young forever.

Look how young I behave! LOL 🙂

My birthday cupcakes.

They truly know how to accentuate my age! 😀

Therefore, I’ve set in my mind that  every upcoming September should be welcomed and cheered not rejected for I know deep inside my heart, I might be old by age but young by heart! 🙂 I promise you, the older I am the more gorgeous I become. Prove it by yourself ^_^

Hey, September! I’m ready to face another you! ^_^

Posing with my cupcakes. So young! LOL

The mastermind! 😀

Thank you for taking time to read my post. Don’t be afraid of getting old. Face it and live with it! So, how young are you? ^_^

English is Crazy yet Amusing

I was about to have my beauty sleep, but hindered because of  a hilarious experience I got during my class this morning. I convinced myself that to share this on my blog.

Since my eye sight is limited in voltage, I’ll condense my story in a form of conversation.

Me            : OK, I’ll give you extra point if you know what is the meaning of Kidney!

Students   : (Shouting & competing in raising their hands) Anak! Anak!

Me            : (I was puzzled, thinking for a moment!) What do you mean?

Students    : Anak, miss! Anak!

Me             : (As I realized what they meant, I goggled) Hellooo, it’s Kidney! Not Kid!

In Indonesian Kid means ‘Anak’ (a child) so they thought Kidney and Kid were just brothers. Oh, my! This is the proof that English is crazy yet amusing. I’m looking forward to experiencing more hilarious moments.


Stressed out Teacher 😀

ps: Most of my students are majoring in nursing; hence, I always incorporate health terminology in some of the exercises.

Embrace The Fact That You’re Not a Hollywood Superstar

There are times I dwell in my reverie, dreaming about being an illustrious actress, having fans crowd me with abundant questions, playing hide-and-seek with paparazzi, attending several important shows, living my life to the most luxurious moments.  Through my mind, I play my own movies; I harmonize my music, I think of everything I want to think: acting as Emma Stone, spreading bewitching smile on cameras; dancing wildly on stage like Jenifer Lopez; portraying myself as Kate Middleton donned with adorably gorgeous dresses; or singing duet with Adam Levine on heart-moving songs.  But every time I return to my reality, I feel sort of irritated, saying to myself, “Embrace the fact that you’re not a Hollywood superstar!”  S.O.S bring me back to my dream world.

Dream . . . Fantasy . . . Illusion . . . Yes, everything happens in mind. Life is just wonderful when we dream about being someone we want to be, or having what we want to have.  We want to be who we admire, adore, or even idolize. Hello, who doesn’t want to be a Hollywood superstar? Fame becomes your breath, luxury is your meal, and everything will just fall upon you.

Kate Middleton – credit to google

However as I see how my life is going on now, I clearly begin to conclude that my life almost resembles the life of a Hollywood superstar. I may not live in a luxurious life but I am surrounded by luxurious treasures of God which are MY STUDENTS.  Paparazzi may not chase me to satisfy their curiosity, but students chase me  with several questions regarding their study.  Paparazzi may not steal my picture for publication, but students may take a picture with me to be posted on Facebook (still publication, though in a different way :D). I may not have fans who begs for my signature, but I have my amazing students who patiently listen to what I say and stare at me for around one or two hours in class. I may not dine in a fine restaurant, but I dine in a huge restaurant that provides wholesome food wherein I can eat together with  thousands of students. I may not be a Hollywood superstar, but I’m the superstar in my own classrooms.

Posing with my fame

I do feel like a superstar 😀

This is beyond being a Hollywood superstar

Witnessing all these pictures, I embrace the fact that I’m not a Hollywood Superstar, but I’m luckier than those Hollywood superstars. ^__^

Dedicated to my students