English is Crazy yet Amusing

I was about to have my beauty sleep, but hindered because of  a hilarious experience I got during my class this morning. I convinced myself that to share this on my blog.

Since my eye sight is limited in voltage, I’ll condense my story in a form of conversation.

Me            : OK, I’ll give you extra point if you know what is the meaning of Kidney!

Students   : (Shouting & competing in raising their hands) Anak! Anak!

Me            : (I was puzzled, thinking for a moment!) What do you mean?

Students    : Anak, miss! Anak!

Me             : (As I realized what they meant, I goggled) Hellooo, it’s Kidney! Not Kid!

In Indonesian Kid means ‘Anak’ (a child) so they thought Kidney and Kid were just brothers. Oh, my! This is the proof that English is crazy yet amusing. I’m looking forward to experiencing more hilarious moments.


Stressed out Teacher πŸ˜€

ps: Most of my students are majoring in nursing; hence, I always incorporate health terminology in some of the exercises.


6 thoughts on “English is Crazy yet Amusing

  1. Long ago when I was a middle school teacher a Vietnamese student of mine handed me a note after a one day absence from school. It read, “Thui could not come to school because she was throwing out all day yesterday.” The note was in Thui’s handwriting. I kept that note for many years if only to show the vagaries of English and the things that translations from one language to another will do. Loved your post.

  2. Well, I still get stuck when I want to elaborate something….no wonder people in the entire world labeled english is “Stupid Language” hehehehe….

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