When September arrived, people began using ‘apostrophic’ speech, “Hello, September!”, “Welcome, September!”, “September, finally you’re here,” or they even begged, “September, please be nice to me!” On the contrary, I strongly rejected September; I screamed out loud, “Please don’t arrive soon. . . please postpone your coming!” I was frantically frightened for I knew that my September nightmare would appear soon. I wasn’t ready to face this nightmare. What’s wrong with September? Why is it a nightmare? Well, I guess you might question me. Yes, the nightmare appeared right yesterday and today (I happened to have two birthday dates; long story to tell :D). When my birthday date arrived, it means I’ve reached the last date of the calendar; YES, I’m 31!! To accentuate more, I AM GETTING OLD! HEy, ‘california’ girls, happy now?? LOL

Birthday Surprise at dawn

They cracked my beauty dawn! Amazingly shocking.

However this nightmare turned out to be such a fascinating nightmare when my students shocked me at dawn, serenading birthday songs, sharing words of motivation, cheering me up just to make me feel young, and cracking me with such wonderful jokes.

Blessing is all around

I behave wild at my age. LOL

Circled by youngsters, I somehow sensed the essence of maturity, “Hey, I’m not old; I’m a real lady now!” embracing the fact that humans grow old not grow young. Every individual won’t able to deviate from this stage. Our age can’t never be young; however, it’s only the heart that can remain young forever.

Look how young I behave! LOL 🙂

My birthday cupcakes.

They truly know how to accentuate my age! 😀

Therefore, I’ve set in my mind that  every upcoming September should be welcomed and cheered not rejected for I know deep inside my heart, I might be old by age but young by heart! 🙂 I promise you, the older I am the more gorgeous I become. Prove it by yourself ^_^

Hey, September! I’m ready to face another you! ^_^

Posing with my cupcakes. So young! LOL

The mastermind! 😀

Thank you for taking time to read my post. Don’t be afraid of getting old. Face it and live with it! So, how young are you? ^_^



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