I concur to this saying, “Curiosity killed the cat.”

I, in my quiet moment, was foolishly curious of how did it feel being a scientist, probing things that yet still meditate in human mind. This curiosity got provoked as I saw two tiny innocent ants appeared before my divine wicked eyes. Hence, I started my little experiment by catching them and putting them into an empty FOX can. I remember my teacher once said that ants are the friendliest creatures; every time they meet their species they would ‘kiss’ (I don’t know what the scientific term of this) each other, and I’d want to witness that fact and see what other things would happen when ants meet. After putting those poor little ants inside the can, I began observing their reactions. They roamed around the circle can; to my surprise, they didn’t greet each other. I waited. Still. The two didn’t show any intention of getting to know each other. I was hoping they, at least, would make some little conversation like,

  • Ant 1: “Hi, I’m miserable! What’s your name?
  • Ant 2: Oh, I’m pathetic! I guess you’re in the same destiny as mine, trapped by that wicked lonely witch.
  • Ant 1: Yeah, why can’t she let us live happily ever after?
  • Ant 2: I guess she’s bored with her life, and wreak it to us.
  • Ant 1: Pity us!

Uhm . . . It didn’t happen to what I expected. No ‘kissing’ moment. They were just desperately trying to find their way out without even collaborating. Later, I decided to close the can and see what would happen. In a few minutes later, I opened the lid to observe the progress of this ‘infant’ experiment. Oops! I was shocked! It left with only one ant, where’s the other one? How did it run away from this tightly closed can? Checking all over the inside, I finally found the other one. It attached to the edge of the lid. I put it back to the bottom, waiting to see what would be their reactions. Suddenly, my phone rang; I got a call from my dad. I closed the can and picked up the phone. 

I was in deep conversation with my dad, and had an a little Alzheimer about this experiment. The evening came, I totally forgot about the ants. When I was about to get my drink, I saw the FOX can, and that was the time I shriek. Goshh!! The ants!! Hurriedly I opened the lid and . . . my eyes goggled, my mouth was wide-opened; I felt deeply guilty. They had rested ‘not in peace’. 

This experiment ruined my evening–indeed, a deep tragedy. I should have let the lid open so they could freely breathe inside or I should have not done this foolish experiment. I felt dumb, though. I began inquiring myself, “Is this how it takes to be a scientist?”, “Is this the feeling when the experiment fails?” “Do all scientists have to sacrifice a lot of creatures just to satisfy their curiosity?” It’s true what some people say that science can seriously make people dumb. Curiosity didn’t just kill the cat it killed the ants!

The Hidden Cave of where I put the two ants.

This was the Hidden Cave of where I put the two ants.

Patiently observing the non-existence of outcomes. Nothing seems happening. . .

Patiently observing the non-existence of outcomes. Nothing seems happening. . 

The ants were individually trying to find the way out.

The ants were individually trying to find the way out.

My biggest misery seeing the two had lost their precious lives.

My biggest misery seeing the two had lost their precious lives.

I haven’t written a blog for some ‘decades’ and this is what I got? Amazing, ha! (Be more creative, girl! :D)I do hope you still enjoy reading or even peeking my blog. It’s my pleasure to  be commented or criticized.  Keep digging the free knowledge that the world offers you. Enjoy the rest of your evening, folks! Don’t let science make you dumb. 


13 thoughts on “SCIENCE CAN MAKE YOU DUMB!

    • Hi Deb! 🙂 The package that I send you had arrive in UAI on October 11, 2013 at 13:46 and signed by someone with a name, “Dedi.” Do you know someone with that name?…

  1. Hi Deb! My Best Friend Story (Because of You Lord) has two version, the new version is the one I sent you. Hope you like it and tell me your violent reaction here ok? 🙂 LOL! :-0…Note: I’m not famous in the Philippines.

  2. Hi Deb! 🙂 How are u?! 🙂 I already send you a copy of the song My Best Friend story via DHL address in Universitas Advent Indonesia. I’m not sure if your still teaching in that school, just check it out ok?
    🙂 I also send you a birthday gift hope you like it. Small Ants is not yet translated in tagalog, I’ll try it in english :-)… And Belated Happy Birthday Deb! 🙂

  3. Hi, Kuya. It’s nice knowing you keep digging your passion as a song writer. Is that new song written in tagalong? Wish to hear it 🙂 oh btw, when can I get to hear the song about ‘Best Friend story’? 😀

  4. Hi Deb, I have a new song entitled, “Ang Gagmay nga Amigas” or “Small Ants”….. 🙂 It’s a visayan song intended for lazy people. :-).

  5. Not Really Miss. Depend on that person in response the science phenomena. If a scientist always use his / her logic without faith and humble all the time, they will get lost and dumb, on the other hand, if a scientist always use their faith to observe I could guarantee that they are save or secure.

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