Sleeping in the World of Fear

bed of coma

Shrinking in a bed, I placed myself against the wall, cringing in an incurable pain. My mind was crowded with tousled scenarios. Why? This question screamed louder among the rest of chaos. I then closed my eyes, attempting to wipe all chaos out from my mind.

“God. . .” I summoned him desperately. “How long have I been sleeping in the world of fear?” I mustered my strengths, seeking my long-lost answers.  “Were you around when I was in a coma of fear?” Tears flowed down without my consent. “Revive me, O Lord! I want to be wide awake, witnessing more of your miracles.” My tears streamed unstoppably.

I’ve allowed myself projecting inadequacies; I have let the demon of fear overruled my life, and now it’s difficult to release myself from this demon’s chain. I have lost my courage to face the world; I can’t endure more punches of trials showering upon my life. Utterly exhausting. Deeply miserable. Hopeless  and breathless I am.

“Pull me up from this deathly hole. I want no more sleep in fear. No more!”