Call Me, Maybe!

Once upon a Hi-tech world, there is this girl who has a bad relationship with her cell phones. She is a girl who frequently leaves her phones inside her wardrobe, a girl who seldom replies texts on time, a girl who picks the phone after several rings, a girl who uses her phones when she wants to play ‘Where’s my water?’  or when she wants to take silly pictures of herself just because she’s bored to death. This girl is ME. . . blehh!

Call me weird, dork, or whatever you want to name it. I’m a person who doesn’t always bring cell phones everywhere: bathroom, bed, canteens, malls, mini marts, etc.  I sort of putting in mind that I’m neither  a VIP person nor a business woman. I bring my phones only when I know that I need them.

When the universe offers plenty of smart phones in the market, people splash out their money to purchase the most expensive phones so that they can have stronger relationship with their phones. Seeing people who can’t put their phones aside amazes me. They unbelievably have an I-can’t-leave-without-you relationship. 

I realized that I ought to establish stronger relationship with my cell phones like what most people commonly do. I probably have made a lot of people annoyed for not replying their texts on time. I’ve wasted my parents’ time for calling me several times. Well, I should have put myself in their shoes. How if I need something urgent but no one picks up my calls? How do I feel if no one replies my texts? It’s a disaster. Look what I’ve done!

I + PHONE = Missed-calls

I + PHONE = Missed-Texts

I + PHONE = Low Battery

I + PHONE = Family’s Madness

I + PHONE = Friends’ Disappointment

Now, I’ve started building a good relationship with my phones. Instead of bringing two of my cell phones, I alternately choose one of them to be with me, date with me, eat with me, and shop with me. I just make sure that everyone on my contact list has two of my numbers; in case they can’t reach me through the first number, they can dial the other number. Why not bring the two? No, they will make my head ache when they both ring at the same time. It happened one time and I got so panicked wherein both calls were important. Indeed, I need more time to know each other.

So when you need me, call me, Maybe!

Oh yeah, I'm expert in picture taking. Ha!

Oh yeah, I’m expert in picture-taking. Ha!

The only game that provokes me to use my phone. :D

The only game that provokes me to use my phone. 😀