WORD CLOUDS [Topic on #edtech]

I did a competition in my writing 1 class. The students were formed in 5 groups. Each group should write an essay that talks about #EdTech (Educational Technology). Group that writes an easy-reading yet effective essay will be the winner and get a privilege to post their essay on my blog. So, here I’m posting the essay of the winner:


There are so many ways to write essay, speech, article, love letters, or even slogan. Anything in writing is easy to make as long as we know exactly how to prepare an outline. Ways of making an outline vary in styles. ‘Word Clouds’ is just one of hundreds ways to do it, but also one of the most creative ways. By using ‘Word Clouds’, you can easily perceive the most prominent terms and alphabetically locate them to determine their relative prominence.

To make a ‘Word Clouds’ we have to have a flow of thoughts, decide what to write and collect all the vocabularies and terms that are related to the topic. There are websites like wordle.net and tagxedo that can assist you to make wonderful ‘Word Clouds’—it is so much easier to make ‘Word Clouds’ using these websites. Moreover, these websites provide unique shapes, cute fonts and nice colors to be used. After putting the terms in your ‘Word Clouds’, you can start writing. Below is an illustration of how to write an essay about Apple Inc.,


You can create even more creative with colors and unique shapes. ‘Word Clouds’ surely support us in writing with the analysis of diction and tone. Since we live in techno-era, make sure we know how to use the applications provided for ‘Word Clouds’. There are so many ways to go to Rome; so is writing.


1. Clark Jeff, Portfolio, 2010
2. Raki Heidi, Raki’s Rad, 2013
3. Feinberg Jonathan, Wordle, 2013

The writers:

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Left to Right: Sylva, Retno, and Sally