After I Get Married . . .

I’m about to end my single life and there are plenty of scenarios hovering in my mind about what will be my plans After I Get Married. Here are five things I’d like to share with you:

1. Decorate my home

My fiance has such a great taste in terms of home decoration; hence, I will ask him to work hand-in-hand in decorating our soon-to-be house. I love having simple yet nice-looking home decoration. I know this will splash out some amount of money but who cares when you can feel comfortable being in your own house. We’ll see!

My kind of home decoration with books beutifying the ambience

My kind of home decoration with books beutifying the ambience

2. Be a Sexy Chef

Who, on earth, doesn’t love eating? Hunting great places to eat delicious food is what my fiance and I love to do, but I’m sure doing this more often will cost such big amount of money so the bottom line is I should learn to cook yummilicious food . . . Well, it sounds sexy when a lady serves food for her husband in bed. Uhm . . . now I’m imagining wearing sexy outfit in the kitchen . . . okay, this sounds silly!  LOL

What can I say?

What can I say?

3. Plan for family get-away

Even if we’re just ordinary employees who earn an average amount of salary, we will definitely plan for family get-away at least once in a month. I love travelling to a place where I can enjoy God‘s profound nature with my loved one.

With you, I'll travel

With you, I’ll travel

4. Do some workouts

To stay fit is something crucial that a woman should do; I won’t allow myself to gain more weights, even after I give birth someday. I know saying this sounds easy than doing it, but I’ll try my best to keep fit by doing some workouts.

My dream body

My dream body

5. Make beautiful brown-eyed babies

Make God listen to this ridiculously desirable wish. I have no idea of how God will design the look of my babies but I’m pretty much sure the blending of our features will most likely produce adorable babies. I hope that God is in a good mood when shaping the images of our babies.

God's beautiful creature

God’s beautiful creature

All I can utter to materialize these plans is, “Thy will be done.”


Recently I have been meaning to write something uniquely captivating to the eyes of my readers. So when one of my God-given friends paid a visit, telling me of how she is blessed with her life, it gives me ideas of what to write. Thereupon I come up with this title ‘MORE THAN A PRICELESS VISIT’ So, take a cup of tea or a glass of orange juice, or a mug of chocolate milk while savoring my delectable post until you get to its final taste.

Being granted with a small private house inside the campus, I learn deeply about the meaning of welcoming visitors. Honestly, I cherish visitors who enjoy the messiness in my house, who don’t criticize how I decorate it, who love sleeping on the attached-to-the-floor mattress, and who enjoy masticating my not-so-yummy, self-cooked dish. So if you’re not my kind of visitor; try not to knock on my door . . . Just kidding, I will still welcome you with some petitions to sign. *Wink

My mom has been my true role model in welcoming visitors. She truly does marvelous things in entertaining her guests; however, there were times she got under my skin when she wanted to delight her guests such as waking me up early at 4 am to prepare heavy meal, washing piled-up dishes almost every hour, or accompanying her out and about just to find perfect ‘oleh-oleh’ for her guests. Anyway, those were annoying before, but now I feel blessed to have been able to practice what she has done, and yet I’m still far behind her entertaining skills. But I clearly know that we both have our awesome ways in entertaining visitors.

Recently, two of my God-given friends alternately came for a visit: Zhuko and Joice. They are moms of two kids and yet still own teen-style fashion (hope my eyes got it right); they are blessed to have adorable kids and a ready-to-chase-the-kids husband. To me their visit was more than just a visit –it was preciously PRICELESS. Since I’m still single, they shared priceless lessons of how to be a wife & mom. So allow me to share my notes:


Dear ladies, if you have the tendency of gaining extra weights during pregnancy or after giving birth, like I do, you are obliged to do some workouts by not letting flabby fats hanging all over our body. We should stay FIT and SEXEH. These two of my friends are trying their best to keep fit and sexeh not only for their children and husband but also to make themselves confident: Zhuko does gym every morning and always prepares healthy diet for her family. Joice does Muay Thai (what the heck is this? Curious to try by the way) she, as well, provides healthy diet for her family. Secretly shared, they also have ‘cheat’ day for them to enjoy evil food; so don’t suffer yourself from strict diet.  The bottom line is, don’t let ourselves look older when it’s not even the time yet. We can have wrinkles but not free hanging fats. Okay, asking myself, “Will I be able to do this?”

Stay calm

Bringing up children is not like taking mathematic exam. It was way even harder, of course. They can get under your skin sometimes; so what I’ve learned from my friends is to stay CALM when you’re kids are doing some circus at the mall or having some theatrical mimic begging for sweets. Don’t stress yourself out of children’s tantrum—consider it as something to be cherished. Just remember we were once acted like them.

Plan a Family Vacation

There are times we need to go out from our comfort zone and retreat ourselves to a serene place by bringing our family. Set a budget for this and at the end we’ll find this incredibly exciting. Well, after I get married, I’ll definitely practice this. Oh, how I love escaping from clutter.

Capture great moments

Always and please bring a camera or at least our smart phone to capture great moments spent with family and friends. It is blissful to reminisce all the past and good memories because picture is worth a thousand words.

Indeed, I’m truly blessed with their visit, totally priceless. I got a chance to learn some household stuff from them. Having friends around is utterly delightful; we can chat while cooking in the kitchen, sleep late until midnight, and hang out at the cafe, or malls. I don’t mind having few friends in my life as long as I can cherish each of them. In return, I want to pay a visit to their house—not just a visit but to capture priceless moments with them. Will I be welcomed?

I’d like to share some great captures of me with my friends:

Joice' Fam & Zhuko's Fam

Joice’ Fam & Zhuko’s Fam

Kiddos hanging around in my room

Kiddos hanging around in my room

What ladies are always up to

What ladies are always up to
Instagraming is definitely entertaining

Instagraming is definitely entertaining

Ps: I’m hoping my other friends (THE SRIMULATS) to visit my divine home. You all are always welcome.