After I Get Married . . .

I’m about to end my single life and there are plenty of scenarios hovering in my mind about what will be my plans After I Get Married. Here are five things I’d like to share with you:

1. Decorate my home

My fiance has such a great taste in terms of home decoration; hence, I will ask him to work hand-in-hand in decorating our soon-to-be house. I love having simple yet nice-looking home decoration. I know this will splash out some amount of money but who cares when you can feel comfortable being in your own house. We’ll see!

My kind of home decoration with books beutifying the ambience

My kind of home decoration with books beutifying the ambience

2. Be a Sexy Chef

Who, on earth, doesn’t love eating? Hunting great places to eat delicious food is what my fiance and I love to do, but I’m sure doing this more often will cost such big amount of money so the bottom line is I should learn to cook yummilicious food . . . Well, it sounds sexy when a lady serves food for her husband in bed. Uhm . . . now I’m imagining wearing sexy outfit in the kitchen . . . okay, this sounds silly!  LOL

What can I say?

What can I say?

3. Plan for family get-away

Even if we’re just ordinary employees who earn an average amount of salary, we will definitely plan for family get-away at least once in a month. I love travelling to a place where I can enjoy God‘s profound nature with my loved one.

With you, I'll travel

With you, I’ll travel

4. Do some workouts

To stay fit is something crucial that a woman should do; I won’t allow myself to gain more weights, even after I give birth someday. I know saying this sounds easy than doing it, but I’ll try my best to keep fit by doing some workouts.

My dream body

My dream body

5. Make beautiful brown-eyed babies

Make God listen to this ridiculously desirable wish. I have no idea of how God will design the look of my babies but I’m pretty much sure the blending of our features will most likely produce adorable babies. I hope that God is in a good mood when shaping the images of our babies.

God's beautiful creature

God’s beautiful creature

All I can utter to materialize these plans is, “Thy will be done.”


3 thoughts on “After I Get Married . . .

  1. All I can say is AMEN deb!!!

    I hope u’ll loose ur apetite during pregnancy but u get a healthy baby! hahahaha

    I hope u can have weekend gateaway even only to curug deket unai…lol wkwkwkwkw
    (yang penting nature kan deb???? 😀 )

    About the babies I hope ur future baby will have josh harnet’s eyes

    ok enough for now! 🙂

    wish u luck for all the preparation debzkiiiiii

    • Can’t wait to produce josh-harnett-eyes babies, uhm…they might become heartbreakers 😉

      Time flies fast, wondering around how life would be, ah can hardly wait to witness.

      Thank u for ur prayers, Jo.

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