Bliss of 2013

Break-ups, divorce, death, babe births, all are always packed in a year. No one knows what may happen to his life every time he faces a new year. So when year of 2013 was about to arrive, I feared that year for it contains number ’13’ wherein human beings claim to be the UNFORTUNATE number. I told myself “Life goin’ to be so da** unlucky in year 2013.” As I welcomed this New Year 2014, I  began to have a quick FLASHBACK of what had happened in year 2013, and guess what,  it was the year of bliss, not to disqualified the other years I spent. I myself would like to declare that ‘2013’ had been so generously kind to me. Please allow me to count great bliss God has granted me in 2013:

Little Home

In April, 2013 I was granted with a comfortable house, having my own rooms, kitchen, and living room. I definitely have my privacy and am able to invite friends and family to sleepover. Even though it wasn’t fully furnished, I learned the excitement of purchasing household stuff.

Worthy Signature

In May 2013, the university where I teach assigned me to be the area coordinator of English Department. My job descriptions are: handling English students’ schedule, helping the during the enrollment, monitoring their grades, signing their E3 recognition letters. Being a coordinator, I have to sign several letters and this task somehow make me think that my complicated signature is sort of worthy. I know this is just a temporary position, but at least I experience the feelings of Hollywood super stars when fans crowded them asking for their signatures. Aha. . . not the best metaphor!

Sister’s Pregnancy

I was truly excited when my brother-in-law informed me that my eldest sister got pregnant; I forgot exactly what month she got pregnant, but all I know it happened in 2013. The couple has been waiting for a year to have this greatest blessing. May the baby born healthily on this earth in year 2014. I can’t wait to see my niece.

The Wedding

Beyond my expectation, I finally tied the knot with someone God had prepared for me. I could only say that God had perfectly planned this love story for us. Even up to now, we both still feel amazed of how this wedding came to realization. Our wedding happened in November 24th, 2013 (please mark the date in case you would like to greet us :D). And this wedding story will follow on my next post, be prepared.

I know we all experience the insanity of life’s ups and downs; however, I’m definitely sure that the Absolute Truth has designed our lives in such a unique way. I am looking forward for the bliss of 2014 and just neglect the misery of 2014.

Never look back but you can always have a quick flash back.

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2 thoughts on “Bliss of 2013

  1. Iya, Jo. Ini nyambil juga bikin di kantor karna puyeng dengan pendaftaran. Tadinya rencana mau post about my wedding tapi itu perlu suasana santai, sambil makan pisang goreng, minum susu coklat, trus slimutan, (Lah mau kok kayak mau ngaso. . .:D) Ini smua ngeles aja, susah mau mulai darimana nulisnya, mulai dr putus cinta ama mas yang mirip adam levine or langsung2 aja, heheeh . . . I’m still devising the draft, Jo sambil nunggu poto2 wedding dr juru poto yang tidak kunjung slesai2 ampe skrg.
    Btw, I sent you email, dibaca yaaa! Thanks for reading this made-so-quick post! 🙂

  2. mana cerita weddingnyaaaa???
    kirain mau posting panjang kali lebar! ahhhh segini doank
    kaga puas nihh pemirsaaahhh 😀
    eh anyway gw rasa bentar lagi jadi dekan deh lu deb trus PR I

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