Fancy Dream List

When a man plays saxophone, I find it SEXY. When a woman plays flute, I find it ELEGANT. I admit that I’m not a music person; I find reading notes is extremely difficult. My parents put me in a piano course when I was at my appropriate age to learn what do, re, mi, fa, so, la, si, do is. Unfortunately, having no piano to practice with, I failed the piano course. My teacher even bluntly told my mom that I had no talent AT ALL to play the piano. Buff . . . Offended I was. So I put in mind that never would I play the piano.

One time I saw a person gracefully played the flute. Stunningly elegant. I want to learn that! I shouted to myself, but I paused and asked myself Will I be able to play that instrument? It reminded me with the piano failure I made; hence, I doubted whether I could learn how to play the flute. All I could do was putting it on my fancy dream list. Who knows I can play it someday. Anyway, listening to flute sound calms my deepest soul, imagining myself sitting at the river bank with birds harmonizing the sound with their chirping.  A dream.

Time passed by, I have passed the proper age to learn how to play any kinds of instrument. But that dream of playing the flute never fades from my mind. The passion is still lingering in my mind until one day I met my husband who happens to be a music person; he knows how to play the piano, violin, and cello. When he found out my passion for flute. He supported me to take flute tutorial. Therefore, we explored different music stores to search for flute; flute has a different range of price, from low to high price; of course, we could only afford to buy the low price, but before purchasing it, my husband phoned his sister first to ask better brand of flute since she is a flute player. The universe heard my dream well; we didn’t have to purchase because my sister-in-law generously lent her Yamaha flute to me until I can learn how to play it perfectly.

After having the flute, my husband enrolled me to one of a music courses in our city that accept adults to learn any kind of instrument. Others won’t. I was so excited attending my first meeting. Intense. Surreal. I just have no idea how to describe this bliss. All I can say that I am utterly joyful that finally I can put a tick ( √ ) on my fancy dream list: DONE.

Learn to blow with the head of the flute

Learn to blow with the head of the flute


I practice day and night. . . persistent I am.

I practice day and night. . . persistent I am.


I hope I can pull off

I hope I can pull it off

Please wish me the best. I want no more failure.


3 thoughts on “Fancy Dream List

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  2. was it hard to play it for the first time ? I’m taking violin class and it’s so frustrating playing this instrument. hahaha … I think violin is the hardest instrument to play. but the most challenging one. hopefully I don’t have to give up before know how to play it well. good luck with your music course 🙂 .

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