Tummy-giggling Weekend

I concur to the saying ‘Thanks God It’s Friday’. Every normal person on earth seeks pleasure on the weekend. Weekend is the moment to immerse into the world of relaxing-mind therapy. I would like to share my hilariously tummy-giggling weekend.

My husband and I started the weekend with laughter; we bought fifth season of Modern Family (we’ve done with first to fourth seasons).  I could say that the movie writers are way too smart in creating the story line and the movie producers are intelligent enough in choosing the characters which perfect the plot. This serial tv pretty much stirred our tummy; we wouldn’t stop every episode. However we had to refrain from watching because Sabbath was fast-approaching.

She is our favorite character in Modern Family, Sofia Vergara; we love the way she talks, moves, and jokes. She is the reason why we burst into laughter.

Hence we changed our activity by worshiping God through music and songs. My husband played the music and I sang (my voice is destructive, though yet we just had fun) until one moment I told my husband that I wanted to duet with him through music. I wanted my husband to play the piano and I would harmonize it with flute. At first my husband rejected because I am an infant in flute–I know nothing much about notes; I’m still struggling in breathing and blowing; and moreover songs that I’ve learned to play are simple children songs; namely, twinkle-twinkle little stars, lightly row, jingle bells, and some folk songs. But when I checked my tutorial book, I found a church song, ‘Abide with me’ using simple notes. I practiced the songs for some minutes before going on a duet with my husband. I failed many times for not being able to consistently breathe and yet I kept forcing myself to play the song, until finally we succeeded the duet, harmonizing it with flats and mistakes. Indeed we relished the duet; our Sabbath turned to be hilariously blessed. Watch our  failed video. It’s quite a tummy-stirred video.

The next day, we made some efforts to duet and we succeeded a bit in playing the instruments. We still made mistakes, though, yet it doesn’t need to be perfect in playing an instrument  as long as we did it in a fun way.

So, how was your weekend, guys?

ps: Don’t laugh too much, you’ll cry later on. It happened to me!


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