My Happiness-filled Cake

Lately my life has been pretty much tough yet intriguing; I utterly can’t escape the ups and downs of what life may possibly surprise me. My plate is always full of trials, I admit. However, I always make myself happy all the time because I keep masticating my happiness-filled cake. Allow me to share the ingredients and who knows, you might want to try. This is the recipe:

A Happiness-filled Cake Recipe:


A hundred cups of laughter

A large bowl of creativity

A thousand spoonful of kindness

A thousand teaspoons of confidence

A thousand over-flowing cups of imagination

A hundred barrels of inspiration

Laughter. Even though I am not much of a joker, I always find time to banter jokes with my husband, friends, or siblings. At least there should be a day full of laughter because when I laugh, I feel burden-less. I’m blessed to have a husband who knows how to giggle my tummy, well, not so often, though.

Creativity. This is what I love the most. When I am bored, I make myself creative, for example, making crafts, planting flowers, re-decorating rooms, writing on my blog (like what I’m doing now), and so forth. I need to do something in order to divert my mind from tedious or nerve-wrecking stuff.

Kindness. My husband and I have committed to helping others sincerely without expecting any returns.  Our house is always open for others who need place to stay; however, we are still aware of strangers. Since we live inside the campus, we should always be ready whenever students, students’ parent, or friends who visit the campus come. Aside from that, I always provide consultation hours for students who need help in terms of English lessons. I believe that small kindness can make a difference in one’s life.

Confidence. I am not a multi-talented person. I am not that articulate. Physically, I’m not attractive; moreover, inferiority has been my old-time delicacy.  But my inner side always whispers to me, forcing me to stay confidence in any kind of situation, true it is!

Imagination. Oh, imagination is always kicking. Human’s mind is stimulus-free; it means we are free to imagine what we want to imagine. When I have problems at work or at home, I find myself resting with imagination well-packed in my mind.

Inspiration. Humans need inspiration to stay equipped and alive. I know this may sound cliché but Jesus is my ultimate inspiration. I am a teacher and he was too; he made crafts and I do learn to make such. He provided food for the thousand; I am learning to be like him by providing food and room for students.

So this is the reason why I am still smiling in spite of life crucibles that keep haunting me. I hope my ingredients can be beneficial to you. You may create your own ingredients. Remember to stay blissful and worthy.


I look happy, right? Of course, it's a holiday

I look happy, right? Of course, it’s a holiday


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