My Simple Hearty Meal

This topic has never been on my blog list and what I’m about to share is something peculiarly wholesome to me.  Recently, I have become such an annoying person to my husband because I stop being his eating partner. I tend to be picky with food; I only want to consume low-calories food. Most of my food contain little salt, no oil allowed. My husband and I used to dine out, eating delectably fatty food, but lately we seldom have our piggy moment. Why? Here goes the vivid story. . .

One Friday evening, I stood up in the pulpit as an interpreter during vesper. I wore my floral dress wrapped in white blazer. I was pretty much confident with my performance; after the program finished I met a student and she gave me a shocking question, “Ma’am, are you pregnant?” What question is that? Of course, I have been hoping to get pregnant but not with fats. I looked straight at my belly . . . indeed, my tummy was a bit bloated. Another story to share . . .

One day a former student of mine came to my office, giving me an article. It was an article about Fat-burning Soup. She persuaded me to lose some stubborn weights by eating that soup. Deep inside, I wondered Am I that fat? In details, she told me that I have gained a lot since she first saw me. She said I used to have flat belly, especially when I wore my white body-hugging dress to class. Now I realized that white dress had been secured somewhere in my closet. I didn’t wear it anymore.

Those scenarios have led me to this counting-calories path. I tried the recipe that my former student gave, consuming the soup for 7 days; well, it could last only 6 days because of an allergy. Lately, I start my morning by having forty-five-minute jogging. When I wake up, I drink warm lime/lemon water. I buy sweet potatoes and potatoes to substitute my carbs. I consume a simple hearty meal every day. On top of that, I count my calories, counting and keep counting!

A simple hearty meal

A simple hearty meal

I’ve lost 4kilos after being so determined. It was an awesome progress, though. Believe me, losing weight is easier than maintaining it. I should carry the banner of perseverance and patience in order to reach my ideal weight. It could be perfect if my husband supports me in this so-called program, all he does is tease me with delicious food which I sometimes allured me to give in.

My aim of losing weight is not to be skinny like what most women desire. Having my ideal weight might give me confidence to perform at work, church, or home. Being healthy is utterly a blessing.

My shout out to all women in the world, “Let’s get in proper shape.”

Feels light after losing some lbs.

Feels light after losing some lbs.


8 thoughts on “My Simple Hearty Meal

  1. mantap ka Deb.. semangat diet yach.. aku juga lagi diet2 an nich. banyak makan pepaya dan kalamansi.. alhasil sudah kurang 10lbs selama 2 bulan 🙂 bilang icat biar diet juga biar kurangin perut buncrit hehehe

  2. Hmmmm kerennn abeeeeesaaaa
    Nahhh gt donk..olahraga n diet.. no baking dulu yakkk
    Gue lagi aktif muaythai lg…dan minum lemon madu lagi tiap pagi..tinggal makan ngemilnya nih debbb

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