Cleanliness is next to Holiness

Despite abundant tasks to do, I managed to wrap my productive Sunday. Usually my Sundays are spent off campus: going out somewhere, visiting relatives, attending family matters . . .  Yet today, I captured my Sunday by doing household chores, alone! Anyway, I have relatives at home to help me do the chores. But today, I did it by myself, except the morning cooking. This Sunday, I did what weren’t listed on my journal. I supposed to do this and that, yet I did these and those. Sometimes being insanely spontaneous is way more amusing.

Before doing the chores, I embraced the moment to bask under the sun, absorbing Vitamin D from Mr. Sun at my front yard; I saw the neighbor chickens, eating the grass and feeding their little chicks. Wanting to capture  that adorable view, I took my camera and recorded their movement.

Now allow me to share my activities, a picture proceeds:

My chores, what's yours?

My chores, what’s yours?

1. Doing my Laundry

I had piling-up laundry,waiting to be cleaned. It’s good that the a machine helps me wash my laundry. The clothesline is fully used.

2. Cleaning the bedrooms

My husband is allergic with dust. So I should thoroughly clean our master bedroom before he starts sneezing every second.

3. Arranging my Bag Tree 

I am not an avid buyer of bags but my friends, family are kind enough to endow me with fancy bags. I don’t set time to tidying up my bags so I just bought poles with hooks for me to effortlessly hang my bags. Today I realized that I messed them up hence I decided to tidy those bags, adding arts in it.

4. Watering the plants

Some of my plants are withered because I am not diligent in watering them. I feel sad seeing the flowers faded and the grass turns arid. So I prepared some buckets of water to freshen them. This was the most tiring work of all; I had to move a lot. yet I was happy for I could burn some calories.

5. Harvesting the pumpkins

Finally some of my pumpkins had ripened; there were seven of them, more to ripe. I am so blissful to see my fertilizing pumpkins. So I shared them with the neighbors. Sharing is blessing.

6. Washing the dishes

I loathe seeing dishes scattered on the sink. I saw plenty of dishes on the sink so I washed them and dried them on the disk rack.

7. Ironing some clothes

Can anyone stand ironing clothes for hours? I can’t! If I want to iron, I select easy fabric; the rest i will let others do the ironing. Today, I chose will-be-used clothes to be ironed. Since this is a tedious work, I had my silly dance while ironing the clothes–for the sake of burning more calories. 😀

To sum up, I started doing the chores at nine and ended up at three p.m. I rarely do the household chores but once I do them, it takes hours to finish. Now I begin to understand this saying, ‘Cleanliness is next to Holiness’.

Well, the best part after doing all these chores, I got to spend a day-out with my dearest husband. He took me to Dusun Bambu, a place nearby, to grab our lunch. It was my first time being there. The view is insanely breath-taking. The weather is cool and refreshing. We were lucky that the place wasn’t that mobbed like every other Sunday. The rest of the day was awesomely wrapped. I thank God for His rich blessings. How’s your weekend?

Capturing the view & self

Capturing the view & self

photo 1

quite a breath-taking walk, yet had to move onwards


2 thoughts on “Cleanliness is next to Holiness

    • Ini Roh Kudus datang, Jo. Skalian bakal kalori sih ceritax scr udh 2minggu gk olahraga gara2 bnyak 😉 yg udh masak ada 7 udh ksh smua tetangga, ada 5 lagi mau mateng, ntr klo si Ivan pulang aq titip ya

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