Dear Readers,

Two days ago I earned my fascinating DOUBLE THREE (33). I felt blissful because I’ve recovered from the illness of my self-denial stage. Indeed, I’m getting old yet flourishing in various skills and pleasant experiences. I’ve tasted different flavors of life; I believe that the Father above has bathed me with maturity, confidence, simplicity and resilience.

On my birthday I didn’t expect any surprise for I knew I was too old for surprises. Yet, at dawn, my husband, relatives, and sister woke me up with birthday song. With my sleepy eyes, they dragged me to the dining room. When the dining door was open, I was startled to see the room filled with plenty of green balloons, harmonized with green tassels. All set in green, I guess they know that I am fond of green. The prepared birthday cake was a  collection of my favorite delicacies: sushi, De crepes, Oreo, surabi, clapper tart, and Auntie Anne’s. I was deeply moved with what my husband had done on my birthday; he tried his best to make my birthday special. I thanked my relatives and little sister, too who were involved preparing my birthday surprise. An hour later, my parents in law and a relative came to greet me on my birthday–they added the bliss.

In the evening, a bunch of students came to my house to give me a surprise: a two-level noodle omelet as the birthday cake. Unfortunately, I wasn’t at home because my husband and I had to bring my mom-in-law to the dentist. Since I wasn’t around, they left me a heart-moving note next to the omelet then they recorded a video for me, rendering birthday song, Later they tagged that video on my Facebook wall. They are batch 2012; this batch never fails to surprise me. On my 32nd birthday, they, with other batches, surprised me with yummy fermented cassava cupcakes; on my wedding day, they gave me a photo frame full my photographs collection. This simple action is what makes a teacher’s life colorfully alive.

I am utterly thankful for another year God has bestowed upon me. I am grateful to have such wonderful families, friends, relatives, siblings, and students to celebrate my significant milestone.  I expect for more years to come because I can see the bright side of my next life phase.

ps: allow me to share some of my birthday photos 😀

Green loves

Green loves

Husband's creativity

Husband’s creativity

Kidlike happiness

Kidlike happiness


Birthday Kiss

Birthday Kiss











students' surprise

students’ surprise










Sincerely Yours

The birthday Lady


2 thoughts on “LETTER OF GRATITUDE: Double Three

  1. ahhhhh icadddd…..so sweet!
    happy birthday again deb! yesss ada yg lebih tua dari gue hahaaha

    keren amat si si icad idenya..pinteran aja bikin bininya gagal diet hihi

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