When I fell in love with . . .

The incessant sound of rain made me linger in my reading room. I combed my bookshelves and found a very shabby old notebook of mine, it might be ten years I guess. It kept special memory when I got seriously involved with English. I once loathed English and yet somehow time led me to the moment where I finally fell pretty much in love with this Uncle Sam’s native language. I began writing words, phrases, sentences I found from movies, books, magazines, journal, and so forth.  I loved searching difficult words that I need to wisely decipher. Bringing myself back to this memory, I would say that this might be the foreshadow of why I love writing so darn much. Therefore, I’d like to share with you statements I quoted from several sources, the following is a soul-soothing statement I got from a movie:

Some people show off their beauty because they want the world to know

others try to hide their beauty because they want the world to see something else.

Isn’t it lovely to hear? Have you ever heard this? I wrote it on this notebook but never had a chance to share it to others. Another lovely quotation I got from a book which I forgot the title:

Give a sincere compliment because a compliment need not to be grandiose; it should be

sincerely directed toward some efforts to the person.

Awesome quotation, right? Here is another one that lifted up my soul high to the gate of heaven; I got it from reader’s digest:

We still tremble in fear, though our guardian stands next to us.

We still try to snatch food off the table of life, though God has promised to provide it,

We still worry about our future,

though God has promised to take care of us.

I raised my hand and said, AMEN out loud. It was good that I stumbled upon those lovely quotes I got from different sources. Word is a powerful weapon to inspire, change, or motivates someone. I will always fall in love with words.  I smiled, giggled, even laughed reading all words I kept inside (wait! this is not a diary). This notebook will be my lifetime legacy.

I would keep this notebook and shared it to my children even up to my grandchildren.

I will bequeath this notebook to my future children