Audrey Hepburn is such a beauty legend; simply put her fabulous signature has never faded. Plenty of celebrities put effort to overtop her beauty but still she remains charming as ever. I, even up to now, admire the simplicity of how she presented herself. I love the way she pursed her lips and enjoy how she dolled herself. Her effortless poses accentuates her unique elegance. There are times I imagine of having a body, face, smile, and eyes like her. I admit this is woman nature, an inevitable desire of a lady–to look adorably beautiful. One obvious fact about women’s effort in beautifying themselves is they purchase variety brands of cosmetics to enhance their beautify; ever since, fashion market has always been profitably increasing. Women try many ways to maintain the beauty with a purpose to rejuvenate and the terrible part is plastic surgery is listed as a common thing to do. I guess beauty does talk!

I started learning the power of make-up at the age of 22. At first I was reluctant to spend money on cosmetics for I knew it was such a waste but as I learned the power of beauty enhancement, I took baby steps of introducing cosmetics to my skin. First thing I purchased was a blush-on from REVLON. I admired the magic of blush-on on my cheeks; I looked reddishly blooming. Next cosmetic I bought was dark colors eye-shadow to accentuate my eyes. The power of eye-shadow amazed me even more. My eye-shadowed eyes brought me such a glamour which added dimension. I was afraid to buy lipstick because I didn’t want my lips to turn dark for using lipstick too much. But lately I began to fall in love with different colors of lipsticks. Lipstick gives huge effect on one’s look. I didn’t even care if it would turn my lips darker; in love I was. Then one thing that gave the most prominent look is an eye-liner. I tell you, this thing knows how to do its job. I adore my eyes if they are lined perfectly. Putting make-up on, I always enjoy seeing my final touch, I always do. From then I never forgot to put my make-up on because it’s one thing that boost my confidence up.

However one time I was engrossed in a conversation with my relatives. One of my relatives shared something about cosmetics. He said women should let their skin breathe by not putting makeup on and substituting it with olive oil. An oil? how could I go around with oil on my face when my face even produces oil? I kept asking myself questions after hearing that statement. It was like an option : to eat meat or to eat vegetables. I guess I am just too in love with how makeup accentuates one’s beauty. I didn’t just ignore that suggestion. Lately I put simple makeup on my face on workdays, I only put heavy makeup on special occasion. On Sundays, I don’t wear makeup and let my skin breathe. My skin somehow feels light.

I have learned that Actually cosmetics doesn’t emphasize the real you. It’s just enhancing what you already have. Every single woman on earth is perfectly awesome for she is wonderfully created by the absolute truth; no one can argue that. What matters the most is our make-over character not the make-over look.

Allow me to show you faces of me with makeups on. PS: this is not merely a ‘selfie’ issue.

Believe me, with makeup on you feel confident but one thing you should know  the real you is what matters.

Believe me, with makeup on you feel confident but one thing you should know the real you is what matters.