Your White Cure is My Love SOUND

My husband finally reached his fascinating DOUBLE THREE; in case you are wondering, yes, I am five months older than him yet I look much younger (in an honest pose). On his birthday, I couldn’t give anything he desires but a simple poem that may remain forever in his heart. Here it is . . .


It was WHITE and pure

even with pain and tear

but everything seemed clear

that you are my absolute CURE

You offer me hope

to journey our unique LOVE

as we capture the time

 Your presence cleanses

my doubts and sorrows

I sense patience beneath

your sweet irony

those crazy jokes you present

are the cello SOUND of my joy

the look you give in your silent

is the symbol of your intimacy

You, forever I respect

 With a birthday cake, this framed poem, and over tone birthday song, I (with my two cousins) woke him up at midnight. He was so surprised, being clueless of what was happening. He heavily opened his eyes, making sure that there was nothing harm with the noise. Finally after some minutes he was able to compose himself. Smiling sheepishly he blew up the candle; later I gave him this framed poem. He began reading it then whispered, “Thank you, Sayang.” The surprise went on as planned.

Happy Birthday once again, my love. Let’s get older together as we witness God’s wonders.

Lack of literary appreciation

Literary Appreciation?


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