The joy of Gardening

I shared about how amazed I was with my Friend’s wonderful garden in one of my posts entitled ‘Randomly Captured: I am ‘HUT’.’ That triggered me to decide to have my own garden. My main purpose of having a garden is to create an outlet to release stress or tense after being so tight with work. The joy of gardening is beyond comparable; I am attached to the creator of nature. Every time I wake up in the morning I get to see colorful things and what I love the most is I am able to relish those butterflies’ dances as they drop by to smell the fragrance of my flowers. Those flowers are like my babies to drool over, where my eyes land on them every day. Not only that, having this small garden, I can do workouts to burn some calories: picking wild grass, raking dried leaves, shaping the plants, watering them, and doing many more. I fell in love with those flowers the moment I planted them because I am sure that plants provide secret pleasure to enjoy what life offers. You won’t believe me, if you don’t make yourself a garden.

I had someone help me make this garden, his name is Pak Ayi. He taught me how to plant the seeds and fertilize the plants. Well, I haven’t gained the basics of gardening yet I know that plants need water, shelter and food like human being does. They need gentle care and a loving heart to bloom and shine. One thing I learn from gardening is I truly know how to appreciate life even more. I do not spend my time radiating negativity; my time is wisely managed and hence I am full of gratitude.

Here are some pictures of my artistic garden for you to enjoy:

Before planting

Before planting

Still in the process of growing

Burning some calories

Burning some calories

enjoying every morning.

patiently waiting for them to grow blooming

Months later, The flowers have grown so beautifully. I frequently pick them and put them in recycled bottles to be used as home decoration.

Freshly picked from my garden

Freshly picked from my garden


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