To burn is to relax

To burn is to relax

For a year and a half, I was a terrible coach potato; moved less, consumed more. Until finally a weight scale slapped me with a result that I have become slightly obese. I have never been this heavy in my entire life. My family, friends, co-workers bombarded me with questions on why I could gain that much. The background behind this weight issue is I acted as Queen Bee after getting married. I didn’t do any workouts, I woke up late, I dined out a lot with my husband, I ate finger foods so often, I did less household chores since I have people helping me at home. I totally enjoyed my life with my husband, forgetting the true purpose of life which being HEALTHY.

I realized what I have done to my life and body is foolishness. So I decided to make my program to shape my body off bit by bit. I did some research in the internet on how to lose weight and most health experts share the same tips. So I decided to devise my own tips to shape this body off; here are the tips, based on my research and experiences:

1. Get a partner

I persuaded my husband to become my workout partner because I need someone to move along with me, giving motivation and encouragement to stay healthy and fit.  It was darn hard to ask him to exercise; it took me two months to finally dragged him out his comfort zone. Recently we’ve been so active doing some workouts.

2. A whole package of RWJ 

RWJ means running, walking, and jumping-rope. This is my complete package. Everyday I should run, walk, and skip. Every morning I run for 25 minutes without rest or pause, maintaining a balance pace. I walk for at least 1000 steps in a day. I do jump rope for at least 10 minutes to have cardiovascular endurance and coordination. Basically, the secret of losing more is to move, move, and move a lot.

3. Water the Plants

I don’t use hose to water the plants, no calories burned. What I do is to fill a bucket full of water and carry it with my own hands then place the bucket far from my garden so that I could walk one at a time to get the water with a pail to water my plants. I tell you it isn’t a piece of cake carrying a bucket full of water.

4. Rake Dried Leaves.

I have a little garden that needs to be taken care of because almost everyday dried leaves from trees scatter on my garden giving messiness to it. Hence, I should rake the dried leaves and thrash them away so that my garden looks lovely as always.

5. Hang Clothes

After doing my laundry, I place the clothes basket far from the clothesline so that I will make effort by walking in order for me to hang every piece of the clothes.

6. Watch Food Intake

My husband and I decided to eat steamed or boiled food at home but once we are outside the home we can choose our favorite meal; for example, pizza, ramen, potato wedges, and so forth. On a daily basis, we consume more fruits and vegetables. However one thing I believe that no matter how hard I do workouts but if I can’t hold my lust on food, diet will just be in vain.


7. Do weight-lifting

I do weight-lifting in a fun way unlike what people have at the gym. I use books, bricks, even coconuts to do my weight-lifting. It gives lean muscles and some tone. So, find something and lift it up.



I should be healthy because if I’m healthy I will be a better spouse to my beloved husband, mother to my future children, teacher to my students, and friend to hangout. Implementing my program, I have lost some weights. Well, it seems slow but I am pretty sure the final result will be awesome. This program isn’t just helping me to shape it off but it also teaches me to be perseverant that nothing is easy in life. I should work hard to achieve something best. In the future, I will share this experience to my offspring. So, let’s shape it off!

To burn is to relax

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