Candidly Captured

On a Sunny day, somewhere and nowhere. A couple was busy taking a picture:

Me              : Wait, I’m not ready yet! (ready to pose)

Husband    : click . . . click . . . (the shutter sounds)

Me             : Hey, wait! I’m not ready yet!

Husband   : (pause)

Me             : Okay, I’m ready!

Husband   : Done!

Me             : what??

Seeing the result of that picture, I found disappointment: my face didn’t seem fairly symmetrical, my body accentuated unreadiness, to sum up I wasn’t in my strategical position. This happens all the time when my husband becomes my photographer. I am always annoyed if he does his candid trick. It took me some time to finally realize that he actually carries the banner of candid. To him, candid is more realistic; it depicts variety of meanings as what this maxim says, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’

When you’re born so darn gorgeous, camera becomes your best friend. Every photographer kills to capture your beauty. Just in one shot, your beauty lenses out. Celebrities have it all. I have no idea why they always look gorgeous in paparazzi’s frames (credit to Celebrazzi) Let’s take a look at some photos lensed out by expert paparazzi:

FullSizeRender (1)

Oh, Kendall. You never fail to amaze my eyes every time you’re candidly captured.

Even the dog enjoys her beauty

Even the dog enjoys her beauty. Awesomely captured, isn’t it?

She knows how to pose candidly.

She knows how to pose candidly. Ok, I envy you, Taylor!

I guess stunning beauty is a bonus in which I don’t get that bonus, but it’s ok! I don’t have to lament on that because candid is adorably awesome. Take a look at some of my photos that were candidly captured by some so-called photographers. I could say my wonderful blend of photos represent exciting stories:

Candidly captured by my other half.

This was candidly captured by my other half.


Me : What? Another stand? I haven’t finished my food. Him : I’m sleepy. I need some rest.


This picture depicts as if we were being forced to wed that day. I laughed out, though the first time seeing this pic.


I guess I was counting the candles right, making sure that I was still young.


Thank God I had this lady-like pose when it was candidly captured


I look like a strict mom with lots of kinds to handle in this picture. Hey, I nailed it, right? 😀


Now I know I can look professional in a modest way 😀


This shows that my right hand loves to roam around my scalp every time I read.

a moment with co-workers

Awesome moment with co-workers.

Candid is simple. I don’t have to make meticulous preparation or some make over to have a perfect shot because there is divinity when I am candidly captured; those natural expressions shown in the portraits describe the most genuine representation of personality. Here I am, ready to capture great things candidly and be candidly captured by your lens.

ps: sorry I don’t touch ‘selfie’ issue here. I might be attacked by selfie addicts.


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