Cousin’s Cushion

Cozy TV room

Cozy TV room

My husband and I are always in love with home decoration; once awhile we upgrade every corner of our home. Simply say, we desire to come home from work to a comfort, cozy home; not only do we enjoy having cozy home but we also want our friends or relatives who pay a visit can feel comfortable being in our house. Therefore, we set a wise-spending budget to purchase furniture or unique articles.

This time our bucket list goes to cushion. It is one of furniture articles that we love especially the ones which have unique prints or patterned style. It has never been outdated. Even when your sofa is just too simple, cushions can magnify its beauty. So when I found out that my cousin Adeline spread her wings on cushion business, I got interested to have one of her creations. Several times she posted picture of cushions with unique prints on Instagram which triggered me to buy them because I’m certain they would add more taste to our home ambiance. Take a look at this pair of cushion that I purchased from her.

Simple print

Simple print

Usually cushion is covered in polyester. I seldom find cushions covered in silk. Hence when I saw this pair on my cousin’s Instagram, I decided to purchase these babes. As the package arrived, I quickly figured out to place them with the other cushions that I purchased from Informa. Ta-da . . . they warm up my taste.

sweet collections

sweet collections

Anyway I’m not being paid to endorse any of her product; I’m only sharing my admiration on her passion for doing something that she enjoys. From the result of her products, I definitely sure that she puts much attention to what she is doing. If you’re curious to know more of her designs, just visit her Instagram and start decorating your corner.

Leaning on something comfortable to enjoy my reading session

Leaning on something comfortable to enjoy my reading session


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