Loving my pose as fake cellist 🙂

First year of marriage was quite difficult for us since we had a very short period of courtship; we planned our wedding in less than four months after knowing each other for only two months. We were pretty much clueless what marriage was all about. Thus marriage became our outlet to learn about each other’s strength, ability, talents, peculiarities, flaws, and dirty little secrets.

A lot of things happened in two years: we exploded ‘for better or for what’ emotions, we argued about who ‘holds the money’ and who ‘spends more’, we experienced claiming as ‘the generous’ wife and ‘the forgiven’ husband, we sweat on small things, namely, choosing a perfect sofa for our living room, and indeed, we had our biggest fight in these two years of marriage. Yet we keep nurturing the love that united us in the first place because deep inside our heart we know that to have a happy marriage we should first have a healthy heart.

In spite of struggles we faced in marriage, within two years, we’ve learned plenty of lessons. We’ve learned not to force our spouse to change; we’ve also learned to tame our ego when it comes to our self-desire; we’ve learned to build pillars of love, trust, and communication to establish strong marriage. Somehow at the end of the day, we both realize it all goes to one thing: ACCEPTANCE, learning to accept who am I, who he is, and who she is.

To sum up, I am truly blessed to have him as my wedded husband and he is indeed grateful to have me as his charming wedded wife. We are beyond grateful to have each other. Happy 2nd Anniversary to both of us. We’re ready to elevate to another stage of marriage, facing more challenges of life. Yet we know God is with us to go through with life-shocking surprises.


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