Marriage Terms & Definitions


Based on our exposures, thoughts, perspectives, and experiences:

Wedding – The place where we start our marriage journey.

Marriage – Life examination that has no ending.

Husband – Wife’s best companion; The one who leads the family whether to go south, west, east, or north.

Wife – Husband’s best companion; Queen of the house who manages household chores.

Family – Our little heaven on earth.

Child – God’s secret purpose for us.

Home  – A comfort place to unwind from stress, distress, and misery.

Parents – Outlet to seek wise advice.

Mother  – Someone who utters blessings for her children; A person who never stops caring and giving.

Father – Daughter’s first man and forever motivator; Son’s first best supporter.

Sister(s)  – Best baby-sitter(s) in the world; second mommy (ies) of future children.

Brother(s) – Best second daddy (ies) in the world for future children.

Mother-in-law – A person to respect, care, and love.

Father-in-law  – Best motivator and mentor.

Sister(s)-in-law – Best lady (ies) to share with, to go shopping with, and to talk about just everything.

Brother(s)-in-law  -Best buddy (ies) to have intriguing discussion and to hang out.

Commitment – Humbleness; The ability to fight personal interests; Key to being successful in marriage.

Happiness  – When serenity appears and chaos disappears.

Sex  – Giving yet receiving; Life battery to charge our mind and body.

Faith – Our marriage visa to stay longer in each other’s heart.

Forgiveness – The act of showing humility.

Argument – Marriage spice to know more about each other.

Battle – A moment to reveal our true character.

Anger  – An expression to signal what we want or need which often ignored.

Jokes -The soundtrack of our marriage; Relaxation song in the TV room.

Ego – Something that is hard to define. What?

Music – Best antidote to release stress.

Money -Life support; Evil in marriage which somehow could cause battles in marriage.

Prayer  –The best weapon to overcome hardships.


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