“Go travelling and enjoy life before you have kids!” a statement that my husband and I have been hearing over and over from friends, co-workers, relatives, even family. Not that we don’t want to go travelling, it is because we’re too comfortable with our current space which we called HOME THERAPY. Home Therapy is one of our best antidotes to escape from life clutter. Comfortable home affects mood more than any other place. When we feel connected with the place we live, we bring more joy into our lives as well as the people who live in it. After we got married, we decided to make our space as comfy as possible so that whenever we arrive home from work, we’re able to capture our divine serenity. So allow yourself to dive more deeply into the joy of Home Therapy that we’ve settled:

Keep a Clean Home

We believe that cleanliness is close to holiness. No matter how luxurious your home furniture is but if it is full of dust or dirt, you would feel like living in a jungle. Aside from that, if our house is messy or dirty, people won’t enjoy being around. I’m sort of a clean freak. I hate seeing dirty dishes in the sink, no matter how tired I am, I’d drain my energy to clean those dishes.

Add Personal Touch

My husband and I have different personalities and dynamics yet our differences somehow could connect the ambiance. There are times I have fissure with my husband about choosing furniture for home decoration yet we end up meeting a simple taste that whatsoever matches our personal touches.

Purchase Money-wise Stuff

To have comfy space, we don’t actually splash our money for a luxurious furniture instead we choose money-wise stuff. We are extra careful about purchasing stuff for our personal space to avoid regret. Yet it’s okay to lavish on something that is worth buying.

Dare to Experiment

We’re not afraid to experiment things at home. Namely, using ladder as flower stand, changing the color of magazine holder with acrylic, re-using empty bottle as flower vase, and many other things that we’ve experimented turned to be amazingly unique. Well, there’s nothing criminal about experimenting your taste, right?

Embrace Home Style

We decide to have our own style instead of following others. We want our home to feel serene and restful so that every time we walk in our main door, we could embrace the style we create.

This Home Therapy idea has somehow made us hesitate to travel or leave our space. Simply to say, we are enjoying our home to its fullest for we believe that a happy home creates better living. Simple advice for new couple out there, “Life is hard outside the house so don’t ruin the inside.

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