Morning Routine

img_1551Back then, I wasn’t a natural early riser. Getting up early in the morning was such a burden. Even after I got married, I continued having this bad habit; I was sort of lucky that my husband isn’t that demanding in terms of waking up early because he possesses the same habit (LOL), at least I woke up a bit earlier than him. So who cooks and cleans in the morning? I don’t have to worry about household chores; I have some relatives helping me, which somehow I am in the list of the luckiest woman in the world. Duh!!!

On my second year of marriage, I was on the peak of being weary acting as a queen of the house. I set in my mind to become a morning person and be more productive in the morning and get more relaxed in the evening. I was determined to change my morning attitude by creating a morning routine to add vibes and bliss.

My Morning Routine

  • To wake me up early, I set my alarm to 4.35 a.m.
  • I start my morning by having worship. I wake everyone at home to have worship with me.
  • After having a worship, I give myself ten to fifteen minutes to fully compose before I go for a run or jog.
  • I usually have 45-to-50-minute exercise. To stay motivated, I always put my music on.
  • Coming home from exercise, I do my laundry and clean my room.
  • I take a soothing shower.
  • I put some light make-up on. Come on, a lady should look fresh and enticing as always, right?
  • I prepare my working stuff, managing all my teaching materials and making sure I bring my office keys. Honestly, I’m very weak at keeping my keys. I’m just so forgetful.
  • I fill my bottle of water. I should never skip drinking; it helps me stay hydrated.
  • I have my light & wholesome morning breakfast; just a glass full of juice and steamed food.
  • I join faculty worship for spiritual revival.
  • Then I start my work day to earn a dime: Teaching, Managing, and Analyzing.

So, this is basically what I do in the morning. Anyway there are times I skip my routine because I don’t want to be too strict to myself; once in a while I need to have my lazy day where I can just cuddle in bed without doing anything. Up to this point, I am still aware of  guarding myself not to go back to the ‘old me’. Even though it’s not easy to completely change, I’m committed to being determined and persistent in life because at the end of the day, all I see is a new attitude that I’ve established.