Warm tender taps of someone’s hand landed on my right cheek, as I heard a voice, “Honey, wake up!” I heavily opened my eyes. I caught the worried eyes of my husband. “Are you okay, now?” he asked. Being so weak to respond, I nodded. I could feel the flow of oxygen through my nose. Everything seemed vague and I had no power to even lift up my head.

I never felt I would end up in a place called Hospital. I always had in mind that I am the healthiest woman on earth: My meal is hearty; I workout almost everyday; I am strong enough to do everything I want; I am a person who laughs a lot. Those thoughts broke into pieces–I’m not a wonder woman.

For the past two to three weeks, I was battling with work, striving hard to catch up with all the dead lines. I had unbearable work load so I did everything I could, ignoring signals that my body beckoned me. I remember one night, my heart pumped faster than the usual; I was quite in shocked so I took some quiet moment to breathe and lay down yet later I continued my unfinished work till midnight. Since I wanted to make quick progress, this work rhythm went on for several days. I worked and kept working.

Suddenly on cloudy Wednesday, I experienced heart palpitation; It scared me to death. In a snap all my muscles got intense and painful. I couldn’t bend my fingers and legs. Seeing my condition, my husband got extremely panicked. I was rushed to the hospital with an ambulance. Arriving at the hospital, I begged a doctor and nurses to ease my pain. In a couple of minutes, a nurse came and injected a fluid through my IV tube to relax all my muscles. That was the time I fell asleep.

I came to a conclusion that I should listen to my body when it says, ‘Enough is enough.’ Working so hard won’t make any benefits. My record of sleep patterns went worse; I didn’t have enough nutrition intake; I couldn’t balance layers of emotions which drowned me deeper into the world of stress because I was just too busy with work. Now I realize that if something happens to my body, I am at loss while others might only say, “We’ll pray for you” or “You should take some rest.” They would care less. Believe me, this is so true.

At this moment, I’m in a stage of recovery. I’ve learned a lesson from what had happened. I should unlock the power of enough and embrace my true happiness which is Jesus.


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