I expect nothing from 2017. All I do is get my gears ready, acknowledging incredible moments in the past and looking forward to awesome adventures in the future. In the present situation, I’ve realized this year has certainly been tough and challenging. I have been through high-level of anxiety and frustration which led me to the feelings of wanting to just retreat from life clutter, searching for a perfect place to soothe my inner soul. I was hard on myself, brimming my mind to get all problems solved. I’ve cried until it got so bitterly painful. Regardless of unpleasant situations I’ve been through, I also had days to rejoice and be grateful for what I have in life. I have established skills that I’m satisfied with where I felt incredibly blessed to have polished them, putting in mind that I am at the right place. I have my small family to cherish every day and peaceful shelter to live in. So far, I’ve done my life the way I understand.

Lately I’ve noticed that I go through each day with a very weak support system. It is indeed humans need strong support system to survive and stay sane every single day. The support system that everyone can get are from church, co-workers, close friends, and family. I attend a very big church, with around 2000 members. With this big amount of congregation, you can hardly have solid fellowship. Let’s say nobody will notice if you don’t attend the church. No doubt, it’s much easier to have fellowship in a small church. Church support system is definitely needed in my family life. Having pastor to visit  once in a week and solid church fellowship may bring much different compare to not having a pastor to visit and a fellowship to ignite spiritual life.

I’m sort of fortunate to have a job that I like with a bonus to stay and work in a very conducive place which I don’t want to trade it for anything. Yet it won’t be settled unless the support system of co-workers is solid because a job will never be done without a solid team and if everyone is busy achieving what they desire for their careers, chaos will happen in a workplace. Fortunately, I could still call my co-workers a team; all we need to do is to have more solid support system; it’s evidently at the weak level.

I have very few friends who are near and dear to my heart whom I miss every day. There were times I wanted to meet them and planned for a sleepover, secluding our husbands (and kids). This kind of desire is difficult to materialize. Marriage life has taken so much from us. We’re sort of parting ways, no chats, no calls, no emails, no texts, I’m just clueless of how they have been doing. When I’m in my lowest moment, friend support system is particularly what I need the most. Conceding the fact that I don’t get friend support system and I fear that I might lose it, someday.

Family is the only support system that I should nurture and reserve. This is the only system that cannot or should not fade away. After getting married, my family gets bigger and wider. I have in mind that my core family will always support me no matter how bad life could be. While on the other side of my husband’s family, I don’t experience having Monster In-laws; everyone is just kind and caring. Nevertheless, in reality, I reach to a point that everyone’s plate in the family is actually full to the brim and there’s no way I could add more burden to them. Somehow my family support system will always be there; but at this time, it hasn’t been stronger than ever.

As of now, I come to a point that looking for a powerful support system in the world is puzzled. The only support system that I can rely on is the Absolute Truth. With that, every moment of what life may present before me this year, I will savor and relish.


2 thoughts on “SUPPORT SYSTEM

  1. And As I read this ..I upset to myself that we rarely chat tbrough wa, rarely talk on the phone. I really wish to be next to u deb. Me too, I need close friends to talk with. Why we can chat like almost everyday (long time ago) and even live in the same city with hanna we rarely chat too. So should I move there asap? Hiksss so many this and that to be considered for my future (and my kids)…Oh deb ..lets have a chat tonite…will call you yaaa with WA

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