Absolute Shelter

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Earth is not an absolute shelter;
look around and observe
this world is getting worse;
no peaceful land that one can reserve.

Heaven is the absolute shelter
for the righteous to live in;
where peace and love transcends,
misery and distress fades away.

Those who choose to dwell in earth,
shall gain no eternal wealth,
but those who choose to be in heaven,
shall receive the righteous land.



It’s inevitable that I live in the world where windows, doors, trees, building, walls and food have become people’s favorite spots for picture-taking. In the past I had never taken picture next to a large window or a huge door that might accentuate my looks and outfits; I had never thought of capturing the food I was about to eat so that people would notice what I munch; I had never leaned on a colorful wall, of course. Anyway those things had never occurred to me, at all.

What this world has turned me into is something that I need to be aware of. I’m living in a world where the Millennials are all around. They are creative, fun, energetic, savvy, and a lot more to describe about them. One thing that caught my attention about them is they are object-focused person. Put it this way, to give more evidence, a famous actress posts a picture of her in a hotel room, the next day you’ll see lots of Millennials stay in that room. Young people hunt for great-capturing objects to be shown to their viewers, wanting to get so many likes and comments.

I guess I have been part of what’s trending; whenever I travel to some places, my eyes will roam around, trying to capture unique and eye-catching spots or objects. At first, I wasn’t aware of this sort of desire; I didn’t question myself why my focus was the object not the memory of being in that place. Until one moment I rummaged photos in my album and found out that I mostly captured objects or posed in unnecessary spots. Since then I realize I have actually ‘become’ object-focused person. Social media has made lots of changes into this world. People’s minds have been diverted into something unexplained and indescribable.

In my workplace, I’m dealing with the millennial; they want people to give them something enticing or attractive objects, never give burdens or pressures to them, they won’t be happy. As I get more engaged with them, I learn that  . . . oh boy . . . let me wipe my sweat . . . my future children will be the linkers of the millennial, the object-focused human beings. Should I just literally embrace this fact?  . . . No!