Carve Out My Time

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My husband and I have been hovering around how-our-life-should-be topic. We both have jam-packed deadlines that we need to settle. We even barely have time for vacation. Until one moment, we finally admitted that we were quiet stressed out and sort of feeling disconnected with the authentication of life. So I decided to refocus and regain my true-self so that I wouldn’t have mental tension.

Mindful Reading

Recently, I’ve carved out my time to read something mindful that soothes my inner soul. First thing first, I began with Bible Meditation. It’s not a usual meditation where a person would just read silently and pray. What I do is to have self-discussion, make one-week commitment, and learn more on God’s promises. Through meditation, I feel less stressful as I start my day off. It helps me also enhance my work efficiency. Let me tell you something ‘all knowledge come from Bible’; it’s true! I gain lots of teaching inspirations after communicating with my God. Aside from reading the Bible, I monthly bought Reader’s Digest, an easy-to-bring magazine. Whenever I have spare time, I will find time reading it.

 Do Little Things I Love

I’ve always loved doing simple yet exciting activities, such as, decluttering my reading space, walking my dog, and filling out my cookies jar. I dedicate my evening doing one of those things, giving myself permission to feel contented and passionate. It will definitely reenergize my mind.

Stay active

It’s hard to stay active during rainy season. Yet I am determined that I should get sweat every single day; I should stay active to spike my endorphin so that I gain physical benefits from it. Hence whenever it rains, I try to find activity that can make me sweat, namely, walking around the house while playing flute. Darn . . . it’s quite tiring.

Indulge in Something

Probably you don’t want to copy this from me. In handling feeling of uninspired, I, once awhile, indulge myself in something that I’ve recently enjoyed doing which is online shopping. Not buying a fancy stuff, though. It’s sort of skin care products to pamper my soon-to-be-40 skin. Anyway, it’s undeniable that lately women love the science behind skin care.

Know My Priority

What is my priority? This is the biggest question that I’ve been asking myself. I tend to lose focus on what my priority is. Reflecting back, I wasn’t gentle with myself for I had been chasing something that was actually not my priority. I was preoccupied with something huge that I wanted to have. Now it’s time to get back on my real priority which is molding my character to be selfless, making time to enrich my soul by filling myself with kindness, generosity, and affection.

Carving out my time gives me more life purpose and greater sense of fulfillment. I’m indeed purposeful to always carve out my time to something more meaningful. Lately I feel unburden and life seems a bit lighter.

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