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“Bagaimana ada pertanyaan?” Tanya saya kepada mahasiswa yang saya ajar, sambil menatap wajah mereka satu persatu, menunggu respon yang tak kunjung datang. Lalu saya kembali bertanya, “Apa kalian baca materi yang saya kasih?” Mereka tetap termenung, menundukkan kepala. Saya merasakan jantung saya mulai berdetak kencang, memberikan sinyal bahwa emosi saya sudah mulai terusik. Saya menghela nafas panjang lalu mulai memanggil nama mereka satu-persatu. “A, kamu baca materinya?” Dia menggelengkan kepala. Kemudian saya alihkan pandangan saya ke mahasiswa yang lain dan memberikan pertanyaan yang sama, “B, kamu baca materi yang saya kasih minggu lalu? Dia hanya tertunduk, sinyal yang mudah ditebak dia juga tidak membaca. Saya beralih ke mahasiswa yang lain, “Kalau kamu, C? Dia tersenyum dan menjawab, “Baca sedikit,” lalu menundukkan kepalanya. Satu persatu saya panggil tapi tak satupun yang benar-benar meluangkan waktu untuk memahami materi yang saya berikan. Tanpa mereka tahu betapa lelahnya saya merangkum semua itu dengan sesederhana mungkin agar mereka bisa memahami. Ya, MEMAHAMI.

Saat itu saya ingin meluapkan amarah saya hampir tumpah namun saya dapat merasakan adanya Holy Ghost mengendalikan emosi monster ini. Saya ingin keluar dari kelas dan meninggalkan mereka, namun kaki saya seperti dirantai. Kembali saya menghela nafas panjang, lalu terduduk diam. Saya melayangkan pandangan saya keluar jendela untuk memenangkan hati saya yang sedang berkecamuk. Skenario tidak jelas mulai bermunculan di benak saya. Kali ini saya menghela nafas begitu panjang, lalu kembali menatap mereka satu persatu dan bertanya, “Karakter seperti apa yang ingin kalian bentuk?” Entah mengapa pertanyaan ini yang keluar dari mulut saya. Entah . . .

Saya, sebagai pengajar yang dulunya pernah menjadi ‘anak kuliahan’, sangat memahami bahwa lebih enak tidur daripada harus mengerjakan tugas-tugas ribet dari dosen, uhm . . . paham betul. Saya memahami bahwa ber-sosial media itu lebih nikmat daripada harus masuk kelas mendengarkan dosen berbicara, uhm . . . paham betul. Saya juga memahami bahwa sekarang sudah ada Mr. google yang bisa membereskan semua tugas-tugas perkuliahan, uhm . . .paham betul. Saya juga begitu memahami bahwa pacaran lebih nikmat daripada kuliah, yes . . . paham betul. Saya juga paham betul bahwa lebih asyik ngobrol dengan teman daripada berdiskusi materi dengan dosen, sangat paham.

Tetapi saya tidak paham mengapa mereka mau membayar uang kuliah yang mahal tapi tidak serius berkuliah, uhm . . . belum paham. Saya belum paham mengapa menonton ‘korea’ lebih seru daripada membaca buku atau materi perkuliahan yang sudah diberikan secara gratis, uhm . . . belum paham. Saya sungguh tidak paham mengapa kenikmatan sesaat yang dicari bukan mencari ilmu biar masa depan terasa lebih nikmat, uhm . . . belum paham.

Masih banyak hal yang belum saya pahami di dunia ini dan saya sedang mencoba memahaminya satu persatu agar tingkat pemahaman saya mengarahkan saya terhadap level penerimaan yang tinggi; jika tingkat penerimaan saya terhadap ‘keadaan’ jauh lebih tinggi maka saya akan dapat lebih memahami apa yang terjadi di bawah matahari.



To burn is to relax

To burn is to relax

For a year and a half, I was a terrible coach potato; moved less, consumed more. Until finally a weight scale slapped me with a result that I have become slightly obese. I have never been this heavy in my entire life. My family, friends, co-workers bombarded me with questions on why I could gain that much. The background behind this weight issue is I acted as Queen Bee after getting married. I didn’t do any workouts, I woke up late, I dined out a lot with my husband, I ate finger foods so often, I did less household chores since I have people helping me at home. I totally enjoyed my life with my husband, forgetting the true purpose of life which being HEALTHY.

I realized what I have done to my life and body is foolishness. So I decided to make my program to shape my body off bit by bit. I did some research in the internet on how to lose weight and most health experts share the same tips. So I decided to devise my own tips to shape this body off; here are the tips, based on my research and experiences:

1. Get a partner

I persuaded my husband to become my workout partner because I need someone to move along with me, giving motivation and encouragement to stay healthy and fit.  It was darn hard to ask him to exercise; it took me two months to finally dragged him out his comfort zone. Recently we’ve been so active doing some workouts.

2. A whole package of RWJ 

RWJ means running, walking, and jumping-rope. This is my complete package. Everyday I should run, walk, and skip. Every morning I run for 25 minutes without rest or pause, maintaining a balance pace. I walk for at least 1000 steps in a day. I do jump rope for at least 10 minutes to have cardiovascular endurance and coordination. Basically, the secret of losing more is to move, move, and move a lot.

3. Water the Plants

I don’t use hose to water the plants, no calories burned. What I do is to fill a bucket full of water and carry it with my own hands then place the bucket far from my garden so that I could walk one at a time to get the water with a pail to water my plants. I tell you it isn’t a piece of cake carrying a bucket full of water.

4. Rake Dried Leaves.

I have a little garden that needs to be taken care of because almost everyday dried leaves from trees scatter on my garden giving messiness to it. Hence, I should rake the dried leaves and thrash them away so that my garden looks lovely as always.

5. Hang Clothes

After doing my laundry, I place the clothes basket far from the clothesline so that I will make effort by walking in order for me to hang every piece of the clothes.

6. Watch Food Intake

My husband and I decided to eat steamed or boiled food at home but once we are outside the home we can choose our favorite meal; for example, pizza, ramen, potato wedges, and so forth. On a daily basis, we consume more fruits and vegetables. However one thing I believe that no matter how hard I do workouts but if I can’t hold my lust on food, diet will just be in vain.


7. Do weight-lifting

I do weight-lifting in a fun way unlike what people have at the gym. I use books, bricks, even coconuts to do my weight-lifting. It gives lean muscles and some tone. So, find something and lift it up.



I should be healthy because if I’m healthy I will be a better spouse to my beloved husband, mother to my future children, teacher to my students, and friend to hangout. Implementing my program, I have lost some weights. Well, it seems slow but I am pretty sure the final result will be awesome. This program isn’t just helping me to shape it off but it also teaches me to be perseverant that nothing is easy in life. I should work hard to achieve something best. In the future, I will share this experience to my offspring. So, let’s shape it off!

To burn is to relax

Trim down

The joy of Gardening

I shared about how amazed I was with my Friend’s wonderful garden in one of my posts entitled ‘Randomly Captured: I am ‘HUT’.’ That triggered me to decide to have my own garden. My main purpose of having a garden is to create an outlet to release stress or tense after being so tight with work. The joy of gardening is beyond comparable; I am attached to the creator of nature. Every time I wake up in the morning I get to see colorful things and what I love the most is I am able to relish those butterflies’ dances as they drop by to smell the fragrance of my flowers. Those flowers are like my babies to drool over, where my eyes land on them every day. Not only that, having this small garden, I can do workouts to burn some calories: picking wild grass, raking dried leaves, shaping the plants, watering them, and doing many more. I fell in love with those flowers the moment I planted them because I am sure that plants provide secret pleasure to enjoy what life offers. You won’t believe me, if you don’t make yourself a garden.

I had someone help me make this garden, his name is Pak Ayi. He taught me how to plant the seeds and fertilize the plants. Well, I haven’t gained the basics of gardening yet I know that plants need water, shelter and food like human being does. They need gentle care and a loving heart to bloom and shine. One thing I learn from gardening is I truly know how to appreciate life even more. I do not spend my time radiating negativity; my time is wisely managed and hence I am full of gratitude.

Here are some pictures of my artistic garden for you to enjoy:

Before planting

Before planting

Still in the process of growing

Burning some calories

Burning some calories

enjoying every morning.

patiently waiting for them to grow blooming

Months later, The flowers have grown so beautifully. I frequently pick them and put them in recycled bottles to be used as home decoration.

Freshly picked from my garden

Freshly picked from my garden

Your White Cure is My Love SOUND

My husband finally reached his fascinating DOUBLE THREE; in case you are wondering, yes, I am five months older than him yet I look much younger (in an honest pose). On his birthday, I couldn’t give anything he desires but a simple poem that may remain forever in his heart. Here it is . . .


It was WHITE and pure

even with pain and tear

but everything seemed clear

that you are my absolute CURE

You offer me hope

to journey our unique LOVE

as we capture the time

 Your presence cleanses

my doubts and sorrows

I sense patience beneath

your sweet irony

those crazy jokes you present

are the cello SOUND of my joy

the look you give in your silent

is the symbol of your intimacy

You, forever I respect

 With a birthday cake, this framed poem, and over tone birthday song, I (with my two cousins) woke him up at midnight. He was so surprised, being clueless of what was happening. He heavily opened his eyes, making sure that there was nothing harm with the noise. Finally after some minutes he was able to compose himself. Smiling sheepishly he blew up the candle; later I gave him this framed poem. He began reading it then whispered, “Thank you, Sayang.” The surprise went on as planned.

Happy Birthday once again, my love. Let’s get older together as we witness God’s wonders.

Lack of literary appreciation

Literary Appreciation?


Audrey Hepburn is such a beauty legend; simply put her fabulous signature has never faded. Plenty of celebrities put effort to overtop her beauty but still she remains charming as ever. I, even up to now, admire the simplicity of how she presented herself. I love the way she pursed her lips and enjoy how she dolled herself. Her effortless poses accentuates her unique elegance. There are times I imagine of having a body, face, smile, and eyes like her. I admit this is woman nature, an inevitable desire of a lady–to look adorably beautiful. One obvious fact about women’s effort in beautifying themselves is they purchase variety brands of cosmetics to enhance their beautify; ever since, fashion market has always been profitably increasing. Women try many ways to maintain the beauty with a purpose to rejuvenate and the terrible part is plastic surgery is listed as a common thing to do. I guess beauty does talk!

I started learning the power of make-up at the age of 22. At first I was reluctant to spend money on cosmetics for I knew it was such a waste but as I learned the power of beauty enhancement, I took baby steps of introducing cosmetics to my skin. First thing I purchased was a blush-on from REVLON. I admired the magic of blush-on on my cheeks; I looked reddishly blooming. Next cosmetic I bought was dark colors eye-shadow to accentuate my eyes. The power of eye-shadow amazed me even more. My eye-shadowed eyes brought me such a glamour which added dimension. I was afraid to buy lipstick because I didn’t want my lips to turn dark for using lipstick too much. But lately I began to fall in love with different colors of lipsticks. Lipstick gives huge effect on one’s look. I didn’t even care if it would turn my lips darker; in love I was. Then one thing that gave the most prominent look is an eye-liner. I tell you, this thing knows how to do its job. I adore my eyes if they are lined perfectly. Putting make-up on, I always enjoy seeing my final touch, I always do. From then I never forgot to put my make-up on because it’s one thing that boost my confidence up.

However one time I was engrossed in a conversation with my relatives. One of my relatives shared something about cosmetics. He said women should let their skin breathe by not putting makeup on and substituting it with olive oil. An oil? how could I go around with oil on my face when my face even produces oil? I kept asking myself questions after hearing that statement. It was like an option : to eat meat or to eat vegetables. I guess I am just too in love with how makeup accentuates one’s beauty. I didn’t just ignore that suggestion. Lately I put simple makeup on my face on workdays, I only put heavy makeup on special occasion. On Sundays, I don’t wear makeup and let my skin breathe. My skin somehow feels light.

I have learned that Actually cosmetics doesn’t emphasize the real you. It’s just enhancing what you already have. Every single woman on earth is perfectly awesome for she is wonderfully created by the absolute truth; no one can argue that. What matters the most is our make-over character not the make-over look.

Allow me to show you faces of me with makeups on. PS: this is not merely a ‘selfie’ issue.

Believe me, with makeup on you feel confident but one thing you should know  the real you is what matters.

Believe me, with makeup on you feel confident but one thing you should know the real you is what matters.