Each Day and Always

Each day and always,

I search meaning of life,

hoping for an act of tenderness.

Each day and always,

I cried out your name,

asking for your forgiveness.

Each day and always,

I witness your love poured upon me.

Each day and always,

I feel the blessings from thee.

When the day passes by,

I proclaim your mighty acts

Each day and always,

I praise your righteous acts

Each day and always,

Your Holy Spirit filled me with power.

Each day and always,

my loves for You grows bigger.

Each day and always

I want to walk by Your side.

In You, I abide.


Once upon a time,

the word LOVE appeared

to me . . .


I knew nothing about love

I knew nothing about how to love

I knew nothing about to love things that I do not love

I knew nothing about what love can do


I’ve learned what love is

I’ve learned what love can do

I’ve learned that love can change life

And I’ve learned to love


Love will always be love

Love is amazing

And I’ll always keep the love I have


Love is Y-O-U . . . just Y-O-U

A Blessed Opus

Life is embellished by human ornamentation–happiness, laughter, jokes, sadness, tragedy, lies, hatred, anger, lamentation, and plenty more.   I try to witness every single moment I experience under the sun. And writing a poem is my best way to witness my life. I wrote the poem below when I was downcast. I call this a blessed opus because it was noticed by a great, talented composer Moises Nadela and he composed this poem into a song. There are some changes with the lyrics due to song purpose (only musician knows about it ^.^). I keep thanking God for this blessed opus 😀

Where are you, Lord?

I cried out at night,

calling him to help me out,

My shame and distress,

they all made me shout.

My heart was being pierced,

with thousands of arrows.

I’d been deprived of peace,

and my eyes grew weak in sorrow.

I then asked Him,

“Where are you, Lord?”

I had no more power.

I wanted Him to lift up my heart,

and washed away my iniquities.

I wanted Him to make me calm,

and stopped me from being foolish.

“Oh, where are you, Lord?

Rise me up!

Lift me up!

Don’t hide from me, Lord!

Joy and gladness are all I want!”


A blessed opus – Credit to Moises Nadela