I apply the Latin proverb that says, “By learning you will teach; by teaching you will understand.” Indeed, when I’m teaching, I am molding, refining, and transforming myself into a better educator. I gradually learn the real world through the windows of education. As I immerse in the world of teaching, teaching has delivered me abundant indescribable excitements that I myself can hardly contain! People tend to consider teacher as a mother of knowledge. Hence this is such a heavy burden to carry; however, it’s a challenge for all teachers to never quit learning and will always keep honing the brain in order to provide better knowledge for learners.

Mediocre Teacher tells
Good Teacher Explains
Superior Teacher demonstrates
Great Teacher Inspires

ps: I mingled and posed with college students. I wish to be an inspiring teacher to them ^.^

7 thoughts on “TRUE PASSION

  1. Easy A teacher is ordinary and more on quantity, uneasy A teacher is a great person and more prioritized on quality plus she or he always fulflilled their students hunger of knowledge. Mis, Continous improves (KAIZEN Phylosophy) what you have.

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