One Friday evening I had sleeping problem due to horrible itchiness. My fingers were busy scratching all over my face and hands. I jumped out from bed, checking if ever some bugs or evil insects sneaked in. None! My bed was spotless. I went all over to my negligee, thinking the insects might patch on it. None! I got so panicked. What’s going on? Suddenly I remembered some Chinese oil mom gave me. I took it and applied it all over the itchy skin without considering the 23% menthol part, later I felt my skin was burning. PERFECT!

It burnt my skin!

I spent the whole night enduring the combination of itchiness and extreme heat. I felt my life was just an inch to death. I kept begging mother nature to magically put me to sleep. My woe was heard; I had a little sleep. In the morning, when I woke up, the first thing I did was to check my face on the mirror. SHOCKED! I saw rashes that resembled measles. Eventually it appeared in my mind, it wasn’t because of insect bites; it must have been sort of food allergy. But what did I eat? I was trying to recall all the food I gobbled. Failed! I wish I knew what I’m allergic to. The worse part was that day was Sabbath, a day of celebration. Should I celebrate the Sabbath with this miserable look or just lock myself up in the room? Well, who,on earth, wants to go to church with rashes? Argghh . . . I was in the deep dilemma, but I guess my angel whispered louder than the evil. So, I ended up going to church with new look — ‘rashes’ blush on. Who cares, right? 🙂

I didn’t feel the itchiness at church, probably those evil viruses beneath my skin were deeply focused on the sermon given that time. I was a bit relaxed. As the worship was over I went directly to have lunch then took some nap. Just a couple of minutes later before I flew to dreamland, I began to feel the itchiness; this time it got worst! Suddenly I remember this situation had ever happened in the Philippines, a day when I had to defend my  thesis proposal. After defending my proposal, my housemates prepared me dissolved charcoal, and had it applied all over my body. I decided to look for some charcoal by visiting some of my colleagues’ houses. Finally I got it; God is merciful enough! I went back to my room and dissolved the charcoal into a little amount of water, then applied it on my face and hands. I had it there for about 30 minutes. I looked like a warrior, ready for war. After applying it on my face and hands, the itchiness vanished. The next day, I applied it one more time until the rashes disappeared. Later they were all gone, I smiled victoriously defeating those little viruses.

So, this is how I look with the charcoal. If ever you get rashes or insect bites. You may try this at home. Just set in mind that this is not for beautification. 🙂

This is not a beauty mask 🙂

Thank you for reading this post! Have a healthy week ahead of you, guys!