My Happiness-filled Cake

Lately my life has been pretty much tough yet intriguing; I utterly can’t escape the ups and downs of what life may possibly surprise me. My plate is always full of trials, I admit. However, I always make myself happy all the time because I keep masticating my happiness-filled cake. Allow me to share the ingredients and who knows, you might want to try. This is the recipe:

A Happiness-filled Cake Recipe:


A hundred cups of laughter

A large bowl of creativity

A thousand spoonful of kindness

A thousand teaspoons of confidence

A thousand over-flowing cups of imagination

A hundred barrels of inspiration

Laughter. Even though I am not much of a joker, I always find time to banter jokes with my husband, friends, or siblings. At least there should be a day full of laughter because when I laugh, I feel burden-less. I’m blessed to have a husband who knows how to giggle my tummy, well, not so often, though.

Creativity. This is what I love the most. When I am bored, I make myself creative, for example, making crafts, planting flowers, re-decorating rooms, writing on my blog (like what I’m doing now), and so forth. I need to do something in order to divert my mind from tedious or nerve-wrecking stuff.

Kindness. My husband and I have committed to helping others sincerely without expecting any returns.  Our house is always open for others who need place to stay; however, we are still aware of strangers. Since we live inside the campus, we should always be ready whenever students, students’ parent, or friends who visit the campus come. Aside from that, I always provide consultation hours for students who need help in terms of English lessons. I believe that small kindness can make a difference in one’s life.

Confidence. I am not a multi-talented person. I am not that articulate. Physically, I’m not attractive; moreover, inferiority has been my old-time delicacy.  But my inner side always whispers to me, forcing me to stay confidence in any kind of situation, true it is!

Imagination. Oh, imagination is always kicking. Human’s mind is stimulus-free; it means we are free to imagine what we want to imagine. When I have problems at work or at home, I find myself resting with imagination well-packed in my mind.

Inspiration. Humans need inspiration to stay equipped and alive. I know this may sound cliché but Jesus is my ultimate inspiration. I am a teacher and he was too; he made crafts and I do learn to make such. He provided food for the thousand; I am learning to be like him by providing food and room for students.

So this is the reason why I am still smiling in spite of life crucibles that keep haunting me. I hope my ingredients can be beneficial to you. You may create your own ingredients. Remember to stay blissful and worthy.


I look happy, right? Of course, it's a holiday

I look happy, right? Of course, it’s a holiday

Life Balance: DIY

This time let me talk something less serious yet informative. This post is basically driven by my other side who strives hard to balance life and evade boredom. I have been doing some tediously serious stuff recently and I just can’t escape from them because I have to do what I am supposed to do in order to earn a dime. So to make life lighter, my inner side evoked me to put efforts on something fun and money less, making crafts.

I love browsing Pinterest website; there are plenty of awesome, creative stuff. People are way too smart in making those things. Oh, how I wish I was created to be astonishingly creative human being so that I could create my home furniture or summer dresses without wasting some bucks.  Well, there’s no time lamenting my so-called life. It is the time to put creativity on my daily list. Now allow me to show you some of my designs inspired by awesome bloggers and youtubers. I am more alive, momma!

Re-using sauce bottle

My husband likes ‘Belibis’ sauce so much. He can’t eat French fries or nuggets without this sauce and he consumes it too fast hence we end up buying and buying it more often. So the empty bottles of ‘Belibis’ occupied one particular compartment of our cupboard. I was thinking of throwing them to the trash bin but then I thought of using them for something usable. I browsed on Pinterest to get some ideas of re-using those bottles, and Ta-Da this is what I did with the bottles.

Wrapped in green

Wrapped in green

 I altered them into flower vases to harmonize the atmosphere of our dining and leisure rooms. What do you think?

Re-using shoe box

Believe me, living in a bone-killing weather, you need to store plenty of socks; otherwise, you’ll end up freezing (okay, I’m exaggerating it) but yeah you need socks to warm your soul. My husband and I have our own pair of socks but we didn’t manage them well; they are all scattered in different wardrobes that caused some missing pairs. Hence I decided to re-use the shoe box into a sockcase. This time it’s easy to find the socks without wrecking our nerves.

Well-managed Socks

Well-managed Socks

Re-modelling old T-shirts

I’ve been thinking of spending this semester break with my husband at the beach. Purchasing beach outfits will waste some dime so I decided to re-model my husband’s T-shirt into my summer outfits. The reason I used my husband’s T-shirt was because I don’t have enough T-shirts to be re-modelled. Most of my outfits are dresses or blouses. Take a look at my re-modelled T-shirts.

Uhm . . . sorry it's a bit revealing though. I argued with my husband for not letting me re-model his dark T-shirt. This could have been much better with dark color.

Uhm . . . sorry it’s a bit revealing though. I argued with my husband for not letting me re-model his dark T-shirt. This could have been much better with dark color.

My husband helped me making the fringe knots crop top. He is just so meticulous and smart. Love him!

My husband helped me making the fringe knots crop top. He is just so meticulous and smart. Love him!

A T-shirt from Lake Toba which I haven't had a change to wear

A T-shirt from Lake Toba which I haven’t had a change to wear

Well, now I’m so ready for beach. They are all inspired by a youtuber named Carah Amelie. Click on her videos below.  

I combined with the ideas of re-modelling from this video also:

Making Hair Tie 

Out of the sleeve cuts, I made a hair tie. This idea just popped out when I was about to throw all the T-shirt cuts; I didn’t watch any video for this *giggling. 

Well, making use small things.

Well, making use small things.

So far those are the things that made my life quite exciting; life doesn’t seem monotonous anymore. I still want to craft some stuff and the followings are the things I want to learn: 

1. Rubber band Vase 

2. Note Pad

3. Jewelry Frames (I know I don’t wear jewelry but just for the sake of home decoration)

4. Wall decoration (from Toilet Paper Rolls). 

I will try to experiment them as soon as I can find my leisure. Let’s balance our lives by doing something fantastically awesome. I hope you enjoy reading my post. Have a wonderful life, fellows!